Hello people! I is Fuzzy!

I really like the color blue, especially really light blue (yes it quite long :P)

I REALLY love animals. My favorite animals are:

  1.  Cheetahs
  2. Wolves
  3. Pandas
  4. Least Weasels

I have 4 cats: Peanut, Codie, Badger, and Nemo. I could have five if Bluestar comes back :(

I love the books Wolves of the Beyond, Warrior cats (of course), and Diary of a wimpy kit.

I LOVE the pokemon Vulpix for a unknown reason :P. she is just soooooo adorable!

My Opinions on you crazy people!

Here is where you sign

FUZZY! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD - Tangle! :D My awesome aussie friend! Probably (sorry gais) my bestest friend on WFW! He makes one of the awesome shows: Big Brother: ThunderClan. (sorry I didnt write much, I'll add more when I think of some (:)

Wobo is too lazy to link her page :P Please do it for her. She apologizes if this caused any inconveniences. -

Cinder here! :)

My series and their novels

The Enchanted Series:

Llama VS. Shadow Series:

My fanfics


Big Brother: WindClan (Week One)


Big Brother: WindClan (Week Two)

Left to Leave

My fanfics for contests

Life with a kittypet - Moon's

Love or power - Rainy's

Starling and Ash - Tangle's

Grass that Grow - Lilly's

Swooping Raven - Misty's

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