aka Fox

  • I live in the world
  • I was born on May 15
  • My occupation is dying college student

Hi! I'm The Fox Girl, I started reading Warriors about 2 years ago and I'm very interested in their ways. I always made up stories about my own fan fic Clan. And I'm totally addicted to writing stories, and I'm currently working on my story: Short stories about the clans. I hope you enjoy reading it! (It's not finished, it's far from). I'm sorry for any spelling errors, I suck at spelling. Also, feel free to edit any fatal errors on my stories.

Stories I'm working on

Finished stories


Short stories about the Clans: I'm writing Story 1

Breathless(Songfic): I finished it, but it needs improving.

Planning to write

  • Ripplewind's story
  • Invisible(Songfic)
  • Teardrops on my guitar(Songfic)
  • Lightear's fury
  • I'd Lie(Songfic)
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