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Well, I personally found the wiki after the discovery of the Warriors Wiki, and I was excited: a wiki was a place that everyone could edit! If I could find one that I could share my idea, I could get insanely famous!

So, I went to Google and typed in "warriors wiki fanfic", hoping to find a wiki.

This is what I found!

Around two years later, I'm an admin, TOTALLY famous (seriously. xD), and sharing my ideas with you guys, one sentence at a time.

Because we all know that words make sentences, and that a whole bunch of words make a whole bunch of sentences.
And a whole bunch of sentences make a story. :)


The WFW community is a whole bunch of great, talented writers that have seemingly endless ideas.


Well, there's me. Forestpaw13 (aka Forest, Foresty, or FP13) I'm (almost) 16 years old and I have sysop (administrator) and b'crat abilities. I took this wiki after it went to dust and brought it back with the help of my friends, some of which are the other staff members.

Artimas Hunter (aka Arti) is 14, and she has sysop abilities. She's (in my opinion) the best writer here (out of, like, a whole bunch of talented writers). But that might just be me... go check out her stories! Arti also manages Warriors Idol.

Icestorm123 (aka Icy) is 12, and she's REALLY awesome- and an admin around the wiki community, so she has experience being at the top. She's trusted as the op of our IRC channel and as an admin.

Other Well-Known/Active Users

Wetstream (aka Wetty) is 12, and the founder of a favorite RP site, MistClan101! (go here for more info about that) She also has a whole bunch of stories around. :)

WarriorcatZ1234 (aka CatZ) is 15, too, and is the writer of The Twoleg Prophecy. He's really cool and funny.

Birdpaw (aka Birdy) is 14. She wrote The Power of Four series and is very proud of it: go check it out!

Zaffie (aka Zaf) is 14. She writes Rise of Evil and is extremely proud of it. She also manages the Warriors Reading Marathon.

Oakstar (aka Oakfeather) is 13. She often hangs around the IRC channel.

There are more, but, honestly, I don't feel like typing. ☺

A Little History

This wiki was created by Eulalia459678 (aka Eu) on June 25th, 2008 (two years and four days after the creation of the Warriors Wiki, which was created by Oglog). He appointed *swifty* as the other administrator, and together the two worked to build the wiki. *swifty* gave a user, called GroceryBag, powers as well before he became inactive.

GroceryBag (aka GB) built the wiki up on his own, and around the time I joined, a user named Mistyfur became admin as well. Mistyfur had to leave, so Sparrowsong became admin. I became rollback soon after.

The wiki built on itself. Ideas were formed.

GB became inactive.

When I became admin, things changed. My goal was to give the wiki structure and to build it, as well as myself, to be greater than great.

Sparrowsong crashed, left, and my rights were taken away.

I helped Eu decide who would become the next admin, and we both decided on Hiddensun.

About 5 months later, after Eu had become inactive as well, I adopted the wiki, gaining sysop and b'crat powers, gave Hiddensun her b'crat powers, and we ran the wiki together.

Hiddensun become inactive, but she still edits, and I gave Artimas Hunter admin powers and Icestorm123 her rollback abilities.

Wiki Terminology

WFW - Warriors Fanfiction Wiki

IRC - Internet Relay Chat, where we can chat. (If you manage to figure it out, our channel is #wikia-warriorcats-fanfiction)

WI - Warriors Idol

Siggy - Personal Signature

MC - MistClan101, an RP site

B'crat - Bureaucrat, a right that allows a user to give rights to others (ex. If I'm a b'crat, I can give rights to Artimas Hunter). These rights cannot be removed

Admin/Sysop - Administrator

HW - Homework

FTW - For the win/F*** the world, depending on the terminology used

RoE - Rise of Evil, a series by Zaffie

WQ - WolfQuest- a very educational game about wolves that is actually slightly addicting...


Warriors Idol - It's like American Idol, except with songfics and it's a lot more dramatic and stuff! :D Managed by Artimas Hunter, you get to choose to be a judge or a contestant. The contestants go through many rounds of writing songfics and the judges read and judge them.

Warriors Reading Marathon - If you have all the books, or the majority of them, this is for you! Zaffie runs it. Basically, you read all the books in order as fast as you can and when you're done with each book you sign off. It restarts every time Zaffie gets bored and another book is added when Zaffie gets it. xD

Clans - This is run by the four leaders, but basically you put your name down and you'll be put in a Clan. Very simple.

TBC (to be continued)