My Stories, Series, and Songfics

Deathberries: A threat in the form of a rogue named Berry arrives in the forest, threatening all four Clans. Two ShadowClan apprentices take it on as their responsibility to stop him, but things go horribly wrong...
1. Lost and Unknown
2. Revenge
3. Rush
4. Air of Treason
5. Last Stand

Finding a Dream: A she-cat has a dream about a tom and sets out to find him... and does. What will he think of her?

Fluttering Wings: When a she-cat is asked to kill a bird threatening her Clan, she does that in 30 minutes.

Grieving Claws: A young tom loses the love of his life to sickness, but not in the way you would think. Here is his story.
1. Grieving Claws
2. She Lives Within Me
3. On My Shoulders
4. In the Dead of Night

Identity: You think you have a good life in ForestClan, but one morning takes it all away.

Ravens that Don't "Caw": The night of the full moon can bring many burdens. This one in particular will last π seconds .

Too Young at Heart: Meet a young kit in the midst of a war between ThunderClan and ShadowClan, and see how to hold every single lime.

Transformer: About cats who have been gifted with the ability to turn into Twolegs. Two sets.
The First Journey

1. Transformer
2. River
3. Thunder
4. Treetops
5. The Signs of Trouble
6. Peace or Pandemonium?
The First Omen
1. Hatching
2. First Flight
3. Taking Off
4. Aerial Fight
5. Using Talons
6. Landing

Standards: A blind kit has been the subject of the prophecy since he was born. If he fails, he will perish, if he succeeds, he will have gotten rid of a huge enemy.
1. Standards
2. Healing
3. Breaking the Rules
4. Fighting for Freedom
Special: Freedom at Last
Special: Thorntail's Sister
Special: Jaggedpaw's Journey

Warriors of the Lake
~ Warriors of the Lake - The Four Powers: Four cats, one from each Clan, receive a prophecy and must work together to solve it. Will the Clans perish?
~ Warriors of the Lake - Falling Apart: An old conflict arises once more in the Clans, and they fall apart. One apprentice from each Clan, the kits of the main characters from the previous story, must accept their destiny and fight for their families and their lives to go back to normal. Can they succeed?

~ Beautiful Day: About a cat named Bloomtail and her adventures with her crush. (song by U2)
~ Black Hole Sun: A tom tells a story, and is shocked to find the ending occurs right in front of him. (song by Soundgarden)
~ Downpour: About a cat that lost his love. (song by The Backstreet Boys)
~ Fool to Think: Betrayal. (song by Dave Matthews Band)
~ The Only Exception: Connected to Finding a Dream. (song by Paramore)
~ Worry About You: About three grieving cats. (song by 2AM Club)

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