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This is where I work on stories before I post them, and give ideas. Huge place for spoilers.

Warriors of the Lake

Chapter 22

Trails that End in Shadows

Chapter 9

Air of Treason


Part 1

When You Die

Chapter 1

Lionpaw crossed the log, his sleek frame standing out in the night. His first Gathering as an apprentice was over, and now he was going back to camp with his mentor, Rustfoot.
Berrystar, the Clan leader, was ahead, leading the Clan back to the place they called home- the gorge. Lionpaw felt awed at the cats that had come here against the elements to find their home here, how they had adapted to the different place. This place was as familiar to him as the back as his paw, and he never wanted to leave.
"Lionpaw!" Redpaw called, running over. "Berrystar just told me we can do battle training tomorrow!"
"Isn't it Rustfoot's choice?" Lionpaw quizzed.
"Berrystar wants us to do it together," Redpaw explained.
His first battle training... tomorrow. Lionpaw had only become an apprentice the day before, and he had spent his first two days gathering moss for the elders and hunting with Rustfoot. Redpaw, who was two moons older than Lionpaw, had explained all the great things about being an apprentice to him, and in Lionpaw's opinion, leaving the camp was the best.
"That's great!" Lionpaw purred.
Redpaw suddenly was quiet, as he saw another cat looking at him: Sparrowpaw, the medicine cat apprentice. She was a stickler for the rules, and not much fun to be around.
"Do you think we should be quiet?" Redpaw whispered.
"No," Lionpaw replied. "Look, every other cat is talking."
And, indeed they were.