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Warriors of the Lake is a series of individual stories based around all four Clans by the lake, where problems will effect all FOUR Clans, and not just one, as depicted in a lot of stories. One of the characters is my original Forestpaw, and you'll see him grow and see the changes that just one prophecy brings...


The Four Powers

When a cat from each Clan receives a life-changing prophecy, nothing will ever be the same. Harepaw, Birdpaw, Trailpaw, and Forestpaw have to make sure that the predicted battle is won... or every cat will suffer, and they will be to blame.

Falling Apart

When the Clans get into a fight over Harestar's old enemy, what will become of the Clans? Thunderpaw, Riverpaw, Windpaw, and Shadowpaw have to pull the Clans back together, or they may never get their warrior names.

The Journey

Info coming later!


  • Trailpaw was originally named Oakpaw, and his brother was Trailpaw. Then I switched them, thinking that Trailstar would be a cooler leader name, in the end.
  • I did my basic planning on a slideshow- a story needs good characters!
  • Applestar was originally going to be named Toadstar.
  • Trailpaw (er, Oakpaw) was going to have a sister named Spottedpaw, a black and white she-cat with a blue eyes.
  • Birdpaw was originally going to be Jaypaw.
  • WindClan's medicine cat (Falconswoop) was originally going to be a tom named Rabbitleaf.
  • The story was originally going to revolve around one cat, Forestpaw, and was going to be called ThunderClan of the Lake - One Prophecy.