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The First Journey

This revolves around a rogue named Water, who has the ability to transform from a Twoleg to a cat... not necessarily in that order. SPOILERS.

  • Transformer - Introduces a rogue named Water, who is a prisoner of ThunderClan. What happens when the leader makes a strange offer?
  • River - An evil cat has risen to power in a different Clan. Can Waterheart defeat him?
  • Thunder - Smoothpaw's death begins to cause problems.
  • Treetops - Waterheart's power has been discovered, and she is exiled. Can she regain her spot in ThunderClan?
  • The Signs of Trouble - Trouble begins to arise...
  • Peace or Pandemonium? - The finale.

The First Prophecy

This revolves around one of Waterheart's sons, who has the same ability... SPOILERS.

  • Hatching - Basically introduces Waterheart's sons, Ravenkit, Crowkit, and Hawkkit.
  • First Flight - Cinderstripe is dead. What cat will take her place?
  • Taking Off - Gorsestar is dead. Time for Brackenclaw's journey to the Moonpool...
  • Aerial Fight - The enemy is discovered.
  • Using Talons - The enemy rises...
  • Landing - The finale.

The Last Stand

This revolves around Ravenflight's son, who has the same ability as him... SPOILERS.

  • Discovery - Introduces Rustkit and Vinekit. (Rustkit's POV) And the prophecy.
  • Time
  • Setting Off
  • Shine
  • Claws
  • Home Safe