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This is about two ShadowClan apprentices who are introduced to a threat that kills many cats- a evil rogue named Berry.

Go here for a list of major characters and their actions.

Lost and Unknown

Littlepaw and Marshpaw are two ShadowClan apprentices. But what happens when a threat beyond all others rises beyond any one cat's power?


Spoiler alert: Littleclaw and Marshtail have killed Berry- they think. But one cat is rising further than their limits, and one cat makes a deal- one that hurts their Clan mates.


Spoiler alert: Berry has joined WindClan, and Littleclaw is scared for her life. One cat has made a horrible mistake, and another rushes to do their job, before it's too late.

Air of Treason

Spoiler alert: As ten moons pass after Rush, some things begin to change, and two cat have some difficulties about whose side they are on.

Last Stand

Spoiler alert: After betrayals, many cats have something to say about their kin. One cat makes the hardest decision of their life, and one side wins the battle to save the Clans.

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