December 1st, 2010

Judging on today, December won't be like Christmas until... well, Christmas.

Gym- FUN AS HECK. Best part of my day, by far. :)

Geometry- Mehhh, test tomorrow.

English- Mehhhh.

Art- Mehh.

Doctor's appointment sucked. It hurt. I nearly cried but then I remembered I don't cry about stuff like this. So I didn't.

December 2nd, 2010

God, today sucked.

My mom let me sleep late. But then she made me get up at seven and to school on time until gym.

I got to gym late. But I have lunch detention.

The Geometry test was easy. But then I had to sit around for about 45 minutes.

English was fun. But we have a project now.

Lunch was FUNNY. But then it ended.

Saw Crushy on the way to Art. But he was hugging another girl... his girlfriend. :O I thought we had spark!

Art was FUN. But my teacher lectured us for half the class (the class is an hour and a half).

My painting looks nice. But I got paint SLOPPED all over my shirt.

The bus was funny. But then I said something really awkward and got laughed at.

Home was nice to arrive to. There was music playing (?). But my mom EXPLODED at me for having paint all over my shirt. My God.

Overall... today sucked. Whenever people saw my scar they would:

  1. Freak OUT.
  2. Shy away and stay away all day... (such is the happening with Crushy)
  3. Not care (just as bad as four in my opinion... lol)
  4. Think I was gross because I had Laser Scar Therapy.

I don't get it. Why do people do this? >:|

December 3rd, 2010

Hahaha I almost typed "Chapter 3" as the heading. Fail.

Anyway. Today was a half-day. So the schedule was screwed up and we got out at 11:45. Two and a half hours earlier than usual.

Health- whoops, Gym- We played matball and TOTALLY got to skip warmups. Our team totally failed (unlike the 1st, we won the 1st).

Geometry- Well. Our seats got moved. I liked my old seat and I hate my new seat (I admit it gets some getting used to).
Know why I hate my new seat? I SIT NEAR THE TEACHER. Again.
Well, anyway, I was talking about LST. And my teacher, after listening in:

  1. Saw my scar
  2. FLIPPED. I don't think she knew I had a scar. Or that I had surgery. Or that I hated talking about it.
  3. Silenced the social time of my whole class
  4. Embarrassed me. OKAY, the only person that can embarrass me is my mom. And I hate it then.

So I just kind of sat there (while she FLIPPED) and eventually just asked if I could use the bathroom. So she signed the pass and almost followed me out, then I think she realized that she (and not my bathroom needs) was the reason I was leaving, and let me go.
I stayed out for like 10 minutes recovering and then had to go back because the period was almost over and I had to get my backpack.

English- First thing's first, my (senior citizen) teacher told us (me and a friend) that she couldn't grade our techo-based project because there was something wrong and to go see our school's technician.
WELL, it was a wiki. And most of you know, being an admin and all, I rock at wikicode. So I found the problem (not her) and fixed it myself, so now I'll be called out to help her out, which'll get me out of just about anything.
So, that took, like 10 minutes, so my friend and I decide to delay the time in English by walking around the school. So we went up the stairs and around the second floor before heading back, which took about 20 minutes.
English itself was boring, LOL.

Art- First thing's first, I got smeared with yellow paint 30 seconds into class, which triggered a small explosion (again, God, I'm on a roll).
Then I couldn't find my canvas (it ended up being behind my friend's chair, I mean, like, double-you-tee-eff?), so I spent about 10 minutes searching.
We're painting landscapes. So I had the sky painted and today I did the clouds. I'm painting a scene with a forest (duh) and a small hut just to have a foreground.
Off-topic! I did the clouds today. I had to mix a lot of paint, and then I got these sponges (three of 'em) and dipped 'em in the paint I mixed and rubbed them around to give the effect of clouds. They're (BRIGHT) yellow (like, a drop of yellow in white paint, LOL) and then I rubbed a bit of (BRIGHT, half-mixed) pink over it, then I took white and smeared it over the entire thing. It was really pretty and all my friends were impressed and stuff. So I'm proud.
Then I took some really bright, pretty green and mixed some disgusting green (meant to be brown) into it to make it darker, and it turned out really (REALLY) nice. So I painted that on the bottom, and Monday I'm painting trees.

Yeah. So today's a half-day, so of course I have no plans. LOL, I hope school for y'all ends soon.

December 4th, 2010

IT'S SNOWING WHERE I LIVE! :D It is sooo unusual. But it's snowing. In December. It's weird. LOL.

But- anyway- today's what I call my family's Annual Decor Day (15th Annual, actually). For CHRISTMAS OMG.
The last Christmas I was here I don't think it was mentioned too much... hm. (Random.)

So my mom's baking brownies, and then those peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kisses in the center that are soo good.

And then it's my town's Christmas parade. Which is sooo totally boring but we have to go anyway. Imma bundle up, it sounds COLD. Dang COLD, man. And everyone's gonna be there, so of course I'm looking for a good time.

I love Christmas. ☺

December 6th, 2010

Yesterday my family decorated the house for Christmas. :) It's all super pretty now. :) (:

Today... okay. I guess.

Lol, so I was doing the wrong stretch in gym by accident (I didn't hear the dude because nobody would shut up) and my teacher beckons me over. So I totally think I'm in trouble, and she says, "One, you SUCK at lunges," (thank you, thank you, teacher) "and two, do you remember your spot and stuff in matball?" I replied and went back to what we were doing at the moment.
So we played matball that day and I did pretty dang good on my new team. I ran, I caught stuff, I annoyed Vinetail (GOOD. THAT IS VERY GOOD.) and then everything looked lesser then my last kick.
Since matball is a combination of testosterone, kickball, and soccer (none of which I have any in), there is a lot of speculation on how I- THE least popular kid in the class (besides a weird dude. We stick together LOL)- got the most impressive kick of the day. It didn't touch the ceiling but instead curved and hit second base. I ran for it. I rocked. The same run I made it around (which is GOOD. THAT IS VERY GOOD.) twice and scored four runs. We won. 'Cause of me. *smirk*

Geometry- first kid in the classroom today, and right behind me comes my shivering, sick-looking teacher with a turtleneck and Ugg boots. I'm like "Something wrong, ma'am?" (Just trying to be polite) and she sneezes in my face. Great. Thanks. Teacher snot.
But she starts blabbering on about circles (tangent lines) and I don't understand a WORD of what she said today. So... I'm screwed. >.<

English- Just meh. Knocked over a desk and got laughed at, but I wasn't the stupidest kid in the class today, no I wasn't...

Art- Landscape looking good. (Thank GOD.) But this friend of mine did. THE. BEST. THING. EVER. in two and a half hours. Like OH MY GOD. She's done and I still have to paint my foreground (a crapload of trees.).

December 7th, 2010

I had a pleasant dream last night...

So that made my day depressing.

Gym sucked. Like... I was so anticipating matball, I was preparing to beast and everything, and then she made us play basketball. Which I kind of suck at.

Geometry. I smelled the future. :)

English. Hahahahahaha my teacher is such a N00b.

Lunch. MY GOD. Some dude tried to kiss me. So... being me... I freaked out. And then I insulted his breath. And then I stormed away. And then the bell rang so I practically ran to art so he couldn't follow me.

Art- *sigh* Idk.

December 8th, 2010

So here's the dip. When you assign me homework, teachers, make it PRACTICE and not a time-consumer, PLEASE.

Gym- MATBALL! :D But I sucked. And my teacher.Keeps.Calling.Me.Anne. GOD. But we didn't have to run, jump, skip, OR do pushups today. WIN.

Geometry- HAHAHAHAHA. All the crap in the corner fell on her. WIN.

English- My teacher's such a N00b. Or maybe I am. She didn't notice that I was actually practicing GEOMETRY instead of English. But face it, Geometry sucks.

Lunch- Friends started teasing me. But, let's cut it short, I don't like anyone. And I'm straight. EAT THAT WORLD.

Art- Finished my painting. Got advice from the best artists in the class (which made my painting rock. Kind of.) but then I ruined it with a dang tree. Now we're drawing people.

Life- Well. My friend is trying to get her mother, er... legally in trouble for slapping her.
The story I got- my friend was on facebook (grounded) and her mom caught her and slapped her... so now my friend has a bruise on her lip.
What did my friend do? CALL THE POLICE. She's planning to spend the weekend with her (21-year-old) brother.
My opinion: both my friend and her mother are totally overreacting. The most I would have done to my mom if she slapped me for a stupid reason was slap her back and maybe kick a bit if she attacked again.
But- my friend's making it worse- she stole her phone back (grounded, remember? Parents do stupid things and we don't learn) and lied, and called one of those custody-removal lawyers. Or whatever.
Overall, I think it's totally stupid.

December 9th, 2010

*sigh* Life as usual.

Gym- WE PLAYED MATBALL. YAHHH. And I kind of did good, I kind of didn't. As we get better we get less chances to kick, y'know? But overall, good. And tomorrow's the last day of gym all semester- which in turn means ALL YEAR. And possibly four years. :D

Geometry- Mehhh. Time passed INSANELY slow. It was INSANELY boring.

English- Well, the heat in the pod suddenly exploded, causing coldness. So we had class in the library. And, you'd expect to be interesting, right? Well... nope. It was hard to hear and around us were all the kids at 1st lunch making fun of us and crap.

Lunch- ??? Idk.

Art- HAHAHAHA everyone had to go up and do a pose so we could draw them. When it got to me, I, stumped, stood there and did nothing. But one kid did something really... er... gay... as in bisexual gay, not happy gay. It was funny and weird and nobody drew him because the teacher was mean and wouldn't let us, and everyone was laughing too hard to focus. LOL.

Life- OH MY GOD. *sob*

Wiki- Well, I'm getting really tired of people hating on my rules just 'cause they don't like them, UM, who's admin here? WHO has been here longer than most of us? WHO was voted into trust? I think I was. So if you don't like my rules, leave, and please don't give me some crap. Thank you very much. (BUT PLEASE DON'T LEAVE. :o Just don't give me crap.)

December 10th, 2010

Gym- Well, in the locker room Vinetail confided in me that a boy that she knew wanted to commit suicide... so she dragged me along to the counselor so she could tattle on him (WHICH IS TOTALLY THE RIGHT THING TO DO. DON'T GET ME WRONG. I just wish she hadn't dragged me along.)
But that's not the interesting part. We had walked right to Student Services like good girls and when we walked back... we realized that we were going back to GYM. So... um... that didn't compute in our heads very well.
So we went the long way around. xDDDDDDDDDD All the way around the aux. gym and through the trailers and back into the locker area, where we saw the Team Sports coach walk by and give us a weird look.
So we smiled and waved and he totally forgot about us.
Our goal was to miss all of warm ups but we didn't even miss running. *sigh* That sucked.

Geometry- Besides getting a 100 on the easiest quiz in the world, that was the most boring geometry class I've ever sat through.

English- Remember how I had class in the library yesterday? Well, my teacher said that we were gonna have class in the library again today. So half the class went to the library, y'know?
So eventually another student comes puffing in and says that it's in a world history class. So all of us huff on down there to take the LONGEST. Most BORING. Test EVER.
The whole time Crushy was staring at me. Win.

Lunch- We were talking about fish, and I said "I hate seafood. It's gross." Goldenheart says, "All except chicken nuggets, right?" LOL.

Art- Teacher was.a.fudgebag. WHAT DID WE DO? MY GOD.


December 12th, 2010

Okay, well Friday I went to my friend's house and we had Chinese food, a large fudge cake, and then I randomly slept over.

Saturday I went shopping with mom (lots of cool stuff, man).

Then mom and dad went out to dinner so I played with my gyroscope. After 8 months I finally made it work, and well. But then my brother dropped it. So it broke.

This morning MY DAD FIXED THE GYROSCOPE. So now I'm excited...

Test tomorrow in Geometry- NO MORE GYM. :O

December 13th, 2010

Last night I tossed and turned and didn't fall asleep until 4AM. Yeah. I know. Mom let me sleep late and everything was all good.

Health- because I got there on time, gah- was a nightmare. A boring nightmare. But first I had to survive the seven minutes before the third bell... gahh... where I had to put up with Vinetail questioning me. "How's your crush?" "Um... don't have one?" (I'm a good liar when it's not on the spot. But after the first lie I can recover.) "Oh. Really?" "Yeah." "I must have dreamed it." "O.o Okay." "That's happened before." "O.o"
Then we watched Philadelphia- 1997- which is about a guy with AIDS in 1997. xD It kind of opened my eyes to prejudice- I mean, it's not just race and religion. It's EVERYTHING.

Geometry- Took a horribly hard test. My God. Then we learned about a guy named Heron and his freaking amazing formula...

English- Boringgg. Nearly fell asleep. There was a pop quiz. Gahhhhhh

Lunch- HAHAHAHAHAHAH me and a friend TOTALLY insulted my English teacher. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Art- ???? I'm not sure if I like Art anymore, I'm sorry...

Bus- We talked about the best fries. Bojangles was the unanimous winner, followed by the school fries on Wednesday and Thursday. Yeah, we're picky.

Life- I've realized some stuff- too boring to say here. But I hope that changes me a bit in RL.
And I've also been wondering about real opinions... am I really as great as it's said I am? (That's all I'm saying.)
And GOD DANGIT, I want to RP on stranded. ARTIIII.

December 14th, 2010

My dream: I was sitting in Geometry with Bojangle's fries but my teacher took them away, dragged my desk to the front of the classroom, and ate the fries in front of me.
I woke up bawling.

Health- ... We finished Philadelphia. All the girls were bawling except me... I have a heart of stone at school when it comes to sad things. *holds up hands innocently*

Geometry- Boringgg.

English- Boringgg.

Art- We watched a movie on Art History (my God, interesting AND boringgg.).
The movie ended with 15 minutes of class left to go. I wanted to leave.
So I walked up to the teacher and asked to go see the art show in the library. Her eyes widened and she asked, "You haven't seen it yet? I haven't taken you up there?" I replied, "No, you didn't."
She tells everyone to grab their stuff. She took us up to the library.
In short, I got the whole class out of class early. I RULE.

Dinner- Mom educated me and my brother on n00bs and newbs- FUNNIEST THING EVER. xD

December 15th, 2010

Ohhhhh my God... Arti... I'm so obsessed with stranded.

Um well in Health we learned about drugs (for the fourth time.)

Before Homeroom, between classes, I found my good male friend was waiting for me at the foot of the stairs. (He's not Crushy but I wouldn't mind spending more time with him) I said, "Hello." He said, "TELL YOUR TEACHER I SAY HI" (he has him 4th period). Because my Homeroom teacher is a bore, I went up to him and said that my friend said hi. My homeroom teacher CRACKED UP, said that my friend was an idiot, and gave me 6 cool points. WIN.

And in Geometry we learned about arcs and sectors.

And in English we drew pictures.

At Lunch I enjoyed myself thoroughly. :)

And in Art we drew our hands.

December 16th, 2010


Last night we found out- due to strange snow- that there would be a two-hour delay.

I get up at six, so I dragged myself out of bed today at eight.

I walked downstairs, wondering why the house seemed so slow and lazy.

Mom said school was cancelled, and that I should have slept longer.

I laughed in her face. The more time off, the better. :P

So... what to do today? What to do?


At 11:00 mom brought home Gingerbread house sets- so me my bro went to work. My frame and house looked extremely successful and his failed, so we just ate his while we waited for mine to dry.

Then we decorated it. LOL so much fun.

Hahahahah and we were listening to the radio, in one of those 'Top 5' contests. They said that 'Firework' by Katy Perry was number 3 and then they played 'Teenage Dream'. BIGGEST.FAIL.EVER. (by the radio.)

What a great day off! We have a two-hour delay tomorrow, which means 1) sleep 2) breakfast and 3) a math quiz. :|

December 17th, 2010

Ahhh. What a pleasant two-hour delay.

I got to school, laughed my head off, and went to Health.

Health was... um... dumb. We took a test, finished Wednesday's lesson, and barely managed to start today's all while the teacher was going on a rampage. She called one kid three years old, ripped out another kid's earplugs ("Take out the earplugs" works too, ya know.), and insulted our whole class. Which isn't horrible, but we were kind of astonished.

Geometry was NUTS. She threw us a lesson (on probability. My God.) and then gave us a pop quiz. UMMMMM. I don't think so.

English. BORING. We watched some West Side Story (GANGS DON'T DANCE.) and went over a story. Blegh.

LUNCH. It was the only thing NOT shortened about today. LOL. (I find that hilarious.) Me and a friend talked about chances. LOL. It was so ambiguous.

Art- we're starting to draw manga. *shrug*

NOW FOR A WEEKEND, and two more days of school. Then we're DONE. YAAY!

December 19th, 2010

Well. thumb|300px|right|THE CHRISTMAS CAN-CAN


We went out into the city and had lunch (I had a sandwich, lol) and then we went to a concert.

Straight No Chaser. (see right video for the Christmas Can-Can... I'm not kidding.) An all-male a capella group of friends in college... got famous by a video that went viral on Youtube.

We saw them LIVE (and that song) yesterday. AMAZINGG. They're all great singers AND they're funny. (Bonus!)

Anyway, so today I woke up at 10:00 (ahhh. *relax*), did my homework (OKAY. I GOT ALL THE ANSWERS ONLINE. WHY SO MANY QUESTIONS?), and then we made cookies.

Cookies. A family tradition in which dough is rolled, shapes are sliced... and my mom gets P-ed off because she doesn't want so many cookies.

Me and my brother do. *smirk*

Then we made chocolate-covered pretzels. Yummm.

Then mom dragged me along on some errands and SHE GOT ME SUBWAY. (I used to think that when I was little that every Subway restaurant was like, an actual Subway (like in NYC). So every time we drove by one I'd be like, "MOMMY! A SUBWAY! LET'S GO ON IT!")

Yeahhh. I just challenged my friend to draw a hot Greek boy. *smirk* FP13 December Cheers 00:08, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

December 20th, 2010

Almost typed "Chapter 20" as the heading.

It was really, really hard to pull myself out of bed. I had to sprint for the bus (not very far, but still...).

Health- We took notes and then started a video about a former Kindergarten teacher that was an alcoholic... MY GOD. Are schools so desperate to hire alcoholics?

Geometry- WE HAD A SUB YEAHHH! So we did NOTHING. And he was really funny. *cheer*

English- We took a test. *headdesk* When I was exactly halfway through (I keep track) my teacher comes up to me with papers and sets them on my desk and says, very quietly, "You're going at twice the speed of your classmates. When you're finished, grade this stack of papers- here's the key- and see me in case I need you to do something else."
So of course, I'm ticked. I like the quiet time after the test. I can actually think. So making me do work that wasn't previously assigned ticks me off.
But what could I say? She had forbidden talking. All I did was nod my head and bubble an answer.

Lunch- None of my friends were at school due to presentations, so I sat with another group of friends. *shrug*

Art- We watched a movie, and I got my quiet time. Thank God.

So... while you guys are out of school and ENJOYING yourselves, I have homework to do, as well as work here and probably some other thing I'm not remembering.

December 21st, 2010

YEEEEHAAAAAA! No more school until January 3rd!

Health- Mehhh. Nothing interesting.
But if you're an alcoholic and you know there's a problem, um, GET TREATMENT. Don't go halfway and turn back.

Geometry- Test. *facepalm* It was insanely difficult.

English- I felt really stupid. I kept saying stupid stuff out loud and asking stupid questions right before I realized the answer. I was glad to get out of there.

Lunch- Yay! Food! :O Friend (minor crush. He's awesome) came by and we did our best to review the Geometry test.

Art- Finished the movie from Friday and Monday... it had a good ending! Then we had to draw the characters, but even my teacher got bored.
So my teacher turned on (LAME) Christmas music and yelled for us to have a party. Then she threw Candy Canes at us.

Bus- THE BUS WAS AMAZING. My (minor) crush was sitting behind me and we talked, and then I got pushed out of my seat by the guy next to me. So my crush leaned over the seat and helped me up. It took me everything not to fall again. xD

Home- Ummmmmm I wanna RP? Idk what to say.

10 more days of the year, 4 more days until Christmas! :D

December 22nd, 2010


I woke up at nine today (*facepalm*). I watched TV.

I took a shower.

Me and the family went out to lunch, then to an EXTREMELY cool electronics store. I got weird looks 'cause I was interested and I'm a girl. *shrug* But all the stuff was cool.

Then I came home and went to Goldenheart's house.

And now I'm home again and waiting for dinner. *shrug* Today was boring.

December 23rd, 2010

Hahahaha, today's highlight was on my own, so I giggled to myself.

You see, we went shopping for my bro's xmas (YES XMAS GET OVER IT. IT'S PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE.) present and I brought it home and ripped off the price tag. But the whole thing didn't come off. I didn't feel like peeling off the rest.

So I grabbed a bottle of pink nail polish. I painted over the rest of the price tag and then, when it wasn't drying, grabbed my mom's hair drying and put it on high for about 10 seconds. Then I wrapped the dang present. xDDDD I win.

And yes, it did occur to me to use a Sharpie. But that's boring.

December 25th, 2010

"Foresty, you're editing?" Yeah, DUHHH. "It's Christmas." Yeah, DUHHH.


More later.

Alright- stationed in my room now at my desk. SUPERYAY.

Anyway, presents:

  • Laptop- Intel or whatever. REALLY NICE. Gots lotsa work to do in the "setting up" department, but right now I have internet and the notepad. I'm all good. :)
  • Toothbrush - er, yeah. Really nice one, though. xDDD Gahh we have to build them, though.
  • Two Kit Kat bars - I'm trying not to eat them, but it's only a matter of time.
  • Harry Potter stuff - the movie poster and two shirts. YAY.
  • Converse sweatshirt - "What?" you say? Yeah. I love Converse.
  • "FUggs" - Fake uGGs.
  • Buckyballs - magnetic balls. SO COOL. :O
  • PJs - can't get enough.
  • Blouse - from my grandma. Kinda ugly... O.o
  • Wooden Car - Yeah. But it is soooo amazing. It's a piggy bank and it ROCKS. My grandfather made it himself...
  • iTunes Card - $15. :) ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK lol.
  • $100 - A nice envelope in my stocking. :D
  • Scarf - Fleecy and warm.

Plus some other stuff, but I can't really remember. Do I look spoiled? LOL.

Haha my bro got a phone. He unwrapped it before I unwrapped the laptop, so he was on top of the world. Until I unwrapped the laptop. Now I'm trying to help him through it. *shrug*

The 'rents are throwing a party. Gahhhhh all the neighbor people are gonna be like "Lemme see your laptop." And I'll have to be like "It's upstairs." And then I'll have to come up here... and unplug it... *sigh*

So... yeah. In other news, lunch is soon. xD

MERRY CHRISTMAS. I can't say that enough. Don't forget the true meaning of today. :)

December 26th, 2010

Haha, the rest of yesterday wasn't so bad. I downloaded a free version of word, discovered Paint and some laptop features, and I'm all good. I RPed all afternoon and then went to the party (gahhhhhhhh).


But I didn't go outside right away. I took a shower... had breakfast... brushed my teeth... the usual. Plus I played with my laptop.

Then I had lunch.

Then I called Goldenheart and she came over and we built a snowman before coming in and having a blast with the laptop. A BLAST OHMYGOD lol.

Then I came up and drew Arti a birthday present. It took two hours, even though it probably doesn't look like it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARTI. Well, tomorrow. xD

And... today is over at 7:03. Yay! R&R.

December 31st, 2010

Alright. On the 27th I went shopping...

On the 28th, I went to the doctor. I am 5 ft, 8.5 inches. xD
If you're wondering if that had anything to do with surgery... we can say "yeah." That was the topic of conversation (this was a normal checkup, but this was the doctor that inspired all of April-July). He asked me all these questions, felt my scar (AGHHH THE PAIN) and tested me for T4 and PTH levels, so the guy taking blood used my hand. *the pain*

Then we went to Washington, DC, and for those of you who aren't aware... Washington, DC is the capital of the US.

I love DC. It's not a place for the dim-witted. It's an important place, too.

In addition to all that... it brought back memories (see here)).

So we went to dinner the first night... no biggie, and then to bed.

The second day (the 29th) we went to this cool spy museum, had lunch, then trekked over to the Smithsonian before going back to the hotel to rest and eat before dinner (I dunno... idk.). After dinner we went to this sports bar and I got a really big, yummy, fantastical piece of cake. YUM.

The third day we went to the two best places there were- the Newseum and the NMMC. (National Museum of the Marine Corps)

The Newseum has always been my favorite place in DC, and it remained to be that way when going with the family. It's so great there- it's hard to appreciate if you're young, FYI- it's got a great, interactive environment adding a little something to a thing we take for granted- Freedom of the Press.

We went to lunch (SUBWAY!) and headed to the NMMC.

The NMMC, as you may recall, was a place on the DC school trip where I had contracted a fever just before, so I had to hang with the teachers as they walked through the museum. As they had already seen it twice, they moved quick and I didn't care. Nothing really catches my eye at a place filled with old guns and movies showing fighting.
But it was still awesome with the teachers, 'cause they made me laugh and showed me the two highlights of the museum- the hot room, and the cold room. And they took all these great pictures, LOL.

With the family... I showed all the cool stuff to my dad (we're just like that.) and we got off on a "spy mission", making shooting noises with fake guns and stuff. xDDDDDDDD

So... it ended... and while my friend was texting me about dumplings, my other friend was texting me about hanging today (of course I said yes. I offered her something due to a sudden problem and I think she's using it. I'm so proud of her lol), and my brother (who got a phone) was texting me hilarious insults. xDDDDD

But my phone died 10 minutes before we got home. *fail*

But we got home, and I dealt with a small problem here... *sigh*

And... yeah... it's all good now. Hanging with my friend today, we're making a day of it, and then I have homework to do. (YEAH. HOMEWORK.)

For the rest of you, 2010 was an absolutely fantastic year, and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. We had our ups and downs here but in the end we're all still friends, right?


I've been to DC twice, too. The first time was like 2 summers ago? IDK. But we stayed at a cool hotel, my family and my Grandpa. We went to all the cool museums like the Smithsonian Space one (A lot of the ugly old rockets. That was technology back then?) We also went to all the monuments, and my fav was the Jefferson Memorial. I convinced my family to visit it 'cause my weird 5th grade teacher made me do a report on it. The Lake/Basin thing around it was filled with SWARMS OF DUCKS! They like popcorn :). We also went pedal boating with my dad's friend, his 2 daughters, my sisters, my mom & dad, and moi. 2 pedal boats, and a lot of ducks following us. We "accidentally" dropped food for them. It was so cute :). What wasn't cute, however, was the drive home with 6 people in 1 minivan, plus a bunch of suitcases :(. But back then I had just gotten the whole New Prophecy set from the library. The time passed really quick then :D --Particulary Good Finder Hufflepuff!!! 16:00, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

I went to DC once. Went to all the smithsonians and stuff. it was pretty cool. I got a netbook laptop last christmas. :) --Happy Holidays! 16:07, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

@Leopard- I've been 4 times and every one has been a blast... my teacher got engaged at the Jefferson Memorial xDDDDDDD and lol at the ducks. xD
@Misty- I love my laptop lol. FP13 December Cheers 16:27, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

I luv my laptop too. I'm on it all the time. :) --Happy Holidays! 16:43, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

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