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All About... You
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This is all about everyone else! Don't worry, I'll add more stuff eventually... when I see something. Forest-lover ♫☼♪ 14:52, January 27, 2010 (UTC)

Opinions on Other Users

Okay, if you want my opinion on you, put your name on the list! I'll take it from there. :) Keep in mind that I'm stating my mind as nicely as possible. Forestpaw13My Talk

  • Artimas- Really funny and nice. A lot like me. I don't think she'll have social troubles all grown up. (Hah, Grandma moment.)
  • Raven- Great writer, totally random sometimes!
  • Wetty- Really nice, but, like me, a drama queen. Don't worry, you're still perfect!
  • Shistar- Really nice. Heart of gold.
  • Maple- Quiet. I think if you spoke out a bit more you'd make a great TV show host, 'cause you're nice and funny.
  • Sunny- A really, really good writer. Love Dark Sun (and the rest of the series)!
  • Forest- My best friend on the wiki. LOL.
  • Kate- Super nice, glad I cut her a break from the start or we would never be friends.
  • Leafy- Super nice but blinded by loyalty. That's good sometimes.
  • Zaf- Really good writer! Persistent. You'd make a good lawyer, just saying. xD
  • CatZ- From what I've seen, really nice. I wish I could know you a bit better.
  • Mosswhisker & Steatlhfire- Both of them are really funny. I know Steath a bit better, and I must say that they are supercool. Yes, that is a word.
  • Leopard- Super nice and funny. ☺
  • Ice- REALLY nice. I think she likes randomly complimenting me. LOL. But, seriously. She's super nice. And funny.
  • Birdwing- Really nice. Heart of golden-ness. Youknow?
  • Snickers- Actually, I don't really know them too well. But from what I've seen, really nice. And hyper. Superhyper.
  • Clover- Reviewed Warriors of the Lake - The Four Powers for me. I think it got a four out of five...? and it's her only review, so I appreciate that. She's super nice, and we've been buddies for a long time.
  • River- Cool dude. xD (Seriously. I call everyone "dude".) New here, I would like to know them better.
  • Misty misty Mistysun- Nice and funny. :)
  • Auri- I'm so glad she decided to come on here- her Return of the Warriors fanfiction is a great contribution to all the other fanfictions on here, and, in addition, she's nice and just filled with random awesomeness. GO AURI! lol.
  • Smudgy- Okay, I can describe Smudgy in two words. Ready? Set... no, those aren't the two words. The two words are AWESOME and FANTASTICAL.
  • Rosie- Seems very proud of herself, which is a good quality to have, unless it's hubris (look it up). Religious, which could get her in trouble one day on here. xD
  • Spirit- Just met her. She seems very outgoing and funny... *looks around suspiciously* She must want something. xD
  • Birchy- Fits in with the rest of us- funny, outgoing, 'random'. xD
  • Autumnrose-
  • Poppy -
  • Love -
  • EmeraldeKitty008
  • Jay -
  • Star -
  • Bloody -
  • Misty -
  • Helloo there :3

I'll get right on it, guys. Forestpaw13My Talk 17:36, April 4, 2010 (UTC)
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