Having trouble with making a signature? Struggling with coding issues? Confused on contributing to the wikia? No need to fear! Jay can help you with anything you want her to help you with.

Siggie Requests

Just follow these easy questions and you can request a sig on my talk. Thanks!

1. What will you like the sig to say?

2. What colors would you like your sig to have? (please say which words will be colored)

3. Will there be borders/glowing font/text shadow? (You can say no or yes, this is optional. "Maybe" or "IDK" is not an acceptable answer. Please say which words that will have that kind of coding.)

4. Do you want gradients? (This is optional. Please explain this on when the words will fade.)

5. Where will the words link to?

6. What type of font? (If you do not understand, just say "curly" "straight" or "bold" or something.)

7. How big will the text be? (Say small, medium, or large.)

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