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Hello and welcome to Marshmallow Land!

Ginger smiles and says hi!

Flutters waves and says hi back.

Ginger makes a face and asks who farted.

Flutters wonders who farted as well.

Firey decided to invade Flutter's page :3 (waves) and leaves

Flutter is wondering why Firey invaded ...

Firey just wanted to say hi to Flutter, bye byeeee~

Flutter says hi but soon she gets bored of saying hi to random invaders and she wants to have fun.

Clever invades and throws many party balloons at Flutter.

Flutter winks at Clever and squirts sprinkles at her. 

Strawberry (Followed by her puppy Willow) invades and throws clovers at Flutters and grins.

Flutters does not care about the clovers so she hugs Willow and says that she is a cute sweetie pie.

Willow licks Flutter's face.

Flutters smiles at Willow and strokes her. Then she shapeshifts into a unicorn and uses magic to give Willow feathered wings and she is happy.

Willow flies up to Flutters as a unicorn's horn and licks it to see what it tastes like.

Flutter's unicorn horn tastes like.. *Le Gasp* COTTON CANDY!!!!!!!!

Willow eats the horn =3

Flutters dies due to the unfortunate fact that unicorns may die after getting their horns eaten.

Willow uses magical cute powers to bring her back to life =3

Flutters cries tears of chocolate of joy and hugs Willow, then dies of happiness again. 

Whitey backflips in followed by her OCs. They all say hi.

Flutters revives for no apparent reason. LE MYSTERY....

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