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Hi. I'm Feathertail Millie- but please, call me Millie. I'm a teenager living in Sydney, NSW Australia. I have been reading the Warriors books for two years now, owning the first, second and part of the third series. I also own Secrets of The Clans. To cut a long story short, ask me anything about the warriors and I'll answer in a snap. Be warned: I don't do spam. More importantly, you don't do spam. *Evil laugh*

One last thing: ¡ʇɐǝɹ⅁ ¿ooʇ uʍop ǝpısdn pɐǝɹ no⅄

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About me


Current Projects

  • Finish my "Not-so-Prophecy Cats" series.
  • Finish my first fan fiction about the Missing Generations of Warrior Cats.
  • Finish Broken Tides
  • Renovate my wikia talk and profile pages.


Not-so-Prophecy Cats- |1. Hollyleaf is mad!| 2. Dovepaw's Deranged| 3. Jayfeather's Stash +Comment| 4. Lionblaze... I dunno what he does. Something..|

The Missing Generations- |Frozen Eyes Allegiances|1.Frozen Eyes|

First Experiences- |1. First Death | 2. First Hunt (Incomplete) |

The Daylight Warriors


Goldenhare- Long-furred golden tabby she-cat with green eyes. Fallingleaf's littermate. Residence: ThunderClan. Rank: Warrior.

Fallingleaf - Beautiful golden (with darker golden patches) she-cat, misty green-grey eyes. Residence: Deceased, verified member of StarClan. Former Rank: ThunderClan Medicine Cat.

Flittershine- Silver (with white, dark grey and blue-grey patches) she-cat, blue eyes. Adopted mother of Starkit/Starpaw/Starleap, whose mother is actually Fallingleaf. Residence: ThunderClan. Rank: Warrior.

Starkit/Starpaw/Starleap- Black mane coon she-cat with unusual grey eyes. One of Fallingleaf's three kits along with her deceased sister and brother Sunkit and Moonkit. Residence: ThunderClan. Rank: Medicine Cat.

Sleetkit/Sleetpaw/Sleetflicker- Dark grey (with smoky grey flecks) tom, blue eyes. Flittershine's real son. Residence: ThunderClan. Rank: Warrior.

Flickerkit/Fickerpaw- Light grey tabby she-cat with a white chest and paws, ice blue eyes. Flittershine's real daughter. Residence: Deceased, verified StarClan member. Former Rank: Warrior Apprentice.

Coldgaze/Coldstar- White tom with piercing ice blue eyes. Flittershine's former mate and the mother of her kits.

Residence: ColdClan, a rogue Clan much like BloodClan. Rank: Confirmed rogue and leader of ColdClan.
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