Hello, I am Featherlynx. My mother was a RiverClan cat, and my father a WindClan warrior, but I was raised in RiverClan. Once I learned who my father was WindClan, I became very insecure, and left to join WindClan, feeling too betrayed by my mother to stay in the same Clan as her. Although I was skilled enough to chase rabbits, the fact that I had to become an apprentice again bugged me, and I left after half a moon to rejoin RiverClan. I eventually forgave my mother, and was able to dedicate my full time to my warrior duties. I became close to Stormlash, and bore and delivered his kits, Speckledkit, Spottedkit and Duskykit. I am still a queen at the moment, but Speckledkit, Spottedkit and Duskykit are nearing six moons and shall become apprentices soon. :)

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