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I'm Fastice, but you can call me Fasty, and I'm a vicious writer. One story doesn't have a good plot means CANCELED. If you wanna do any collabs or anything like that, remember I can argue because I am VERY stubborn. I can't help it D: Write here if you want an opinion from me.

I live in South America, in the beautiful and cultural country of Peru. It has so much history it just bores me. I live in the coast, not in the highland or in the jungle. I live in the modern place :D!

I've got some OCs, which are the ones you can look at my other profile that is in Fanfiction.net:

Ice - white she-cat with blue eyes. Smart, trusting, caring, but a fighter and has some evilness Fire has.

Fire - white she-cat with blue eyes. Crazy, crazy, crazier, crazist and a lit- ok, a LOT evil (not as Tigerstar though) and likes fighting and acting crazily.

Fasty/Fastblaze - My main OC. Dark ginger she-cat with green eyes. Crazy like Fire and likes taking cats on her crazy trips and blah, blah, blah.

Meh, got more OCs but don't wanna list all of 'em.

Favorite food: Pasta :D

Favorite song: Meh... got a lot ones including: Can you feel the love tonight?, Let it go, I Just can't wait to be King...

Favorite instrumental: Let it go with Vivaldi's Winter from ThePianoGuys. Just amazing, got to see it again!

Favorite animal: Um... I think it has to be a fox, eagle or a ray.

Favorite movie: Aladdin, Hercules or the Lion King. Yes, I love classics. Yes, I do love Frozen as well.

Favorite movie company: DISNEY! (you saw that coming, didn't you?)

I joined wikia when me and my friend, Icy, wanted to make stories and that. We made a wiki called Monster Life Cool Wiki XD I found this wiki and... poof! I'm here, world!

I will write lots of stories, 'cause I love writing 'em. But, a story doesn't got a good plot or has TERRIBLE grammar, I can assure you I either will cancel it (if it's mine) or stop reading it (if it's one of yours).


Flying High Series- My first awesome series! It's about a hawk trying to fit in a Clan and things happen.

1. Flight 2. Dreams 3. Palace 4. Convince 5. Sacrifice


Devil: Batwing's Story

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