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Hey {{{1}}}. I'm Fallenrose but you can call me Fallen, Rose, Ro, or whatever. I am a super nerd person with a passion for getting good grades and for instagram and youtube. So I do a lot of that stuff. So yeah. I also love Marvel and well Marvel forever.I love drawing and art and reading and books and writing and all that jazz. I am also no longer a newbie, almost been on this wiki for one year.

About Fallenrose (my fursona)

She has sandy fur with light brown tabby stripes and ice blue eyes

Very short tempered and salty at times (like me)

Amazing hunter

Good leader and authority figure

A very loyal friend

Someone you do not want to annoy

She has a very quick whit


I love traditional art so much and I am starting to practice digital art. It is my stress reliever and I do it all the time so I am not very good but I try. I draw anemei wolves, cats, and much other crap so yeah I love requests. UPDATE: I did make my profile pic it is Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles. Request something on my blog page and I will try my best! ALSO I am open for requests of any animal OC just leave a comment here (This place would be better for you to request) with your signature and I will reply then drop the finished product on your talk. You will just need to fill out a short form with just details of your character.


A fallen rose is my first fanfic about my character, Fallenrose, and her adventure in Windclan and her destiny to complete a horrible prophecy told long ago so follow the adventure here! (longest)

Also be sure to check out my new show Anarchy! Its kind of dystopian and I really like that genre so yeah im really trying so leave a comment and tell me what you think please.

Stubby ones that have like 2 chapters cuz I mainly do collabs and A fallen rose

Invasion from the north is a short story about two rouges who seek the help of Shadowclan after one of the rouges is badly injured by a strange beast that has invaded the clans and they must fight to protect the forest. Follow the adventure here!

Skyclans return is a short story about Skyclan coming back to the clans but travel a long way and have a terrible encounter with Bloodclan. Follow it here.

Story Ideas


I am currently only working on one with Blazey about the tribe of rushing water and five cats journey to find a new home after an avalanche covers the cave. Follow it here.

Also doing one with Cinder about her and I in Shadowclan but we are cast out because of something our parents did before. Follow it here!


Here is where I practice all of my coding skills (that I do not have)


I've got two faces... blurry's the one I'm not


by Sea this  is anarchy

By me "I have an army.""Yes but we have a Hulk"

From Firey We are living in a dream...but life ain't what it seems, cause everything's a mess

One of my favorite ones; creds to Blazey 'Cause darling I'mA NIGHTMAREDressed LikeA DAYDREAM

One of my first ones that I love creds to Silverwind

Fallen Rose

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Happy N e w Year

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The Fallen Rose

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