Ello luffs.

What I've Written :3

Guides, etc

Evening's Character Tips-- a little fail guide of what I think makes a likable, relatable character.


Nothing Keeps -- Meh :P

I... don't know xD

Don't Mess with Time and Twice Said and Warned -- I have the plot but I'm too lazy to write it all out xD

Icepaw has to go back in time to save something in the future. And it's quite a nifty adventure.

Marcato -- for those days :P

Robinpaw's forever nagged by her mother, Poppyheart. Nag nag nag. Scold scold scold. Shout. Shout. Shout. Kill?

Time of Setting Series-- o_o I'm losing it here

Eveningkit's life's cut short because of what is supposed to be. So she has to live. To make what is supposed to be, be.

The World: Falling and The World: Stopped -- I already lost these XP]

A twoleg gets hit with an object in space.

Gathering Storms -- xP

Short thing about Breezepelt. :P

The Weather (Series) --Started. May stop xC

Sleetpaw and the rest of the clan's getting out of control- with laziness. Puddlefoot reckons, from Starclan, that this is unacceptable. Now what is she and Lemonclaw going to do to stop this laze epidemic?

Personally Don't Mess with Time is my favorite :P that and Marcato are the best choices to read ;D


Gray and white she-cat with orange eyes, liek the sun, with green and blue flecks. Tada, the sunset.

Brother: Billowheart. (Ashamed to say this, but I named him that because, well, one, his name is Billy, and two, he wanted to be named something disgusting. Therefore, Billowheart, Billowfart. A billow of fart -_-)

Mother: Spectrum Over Stream. Tribe cat, foreigner, yada yada. She's a strict one alright.

Father: Small Bird Fluttering By. He's cool. But he gets irrational a lot o_o

Aunt: Cloud-dapple. I wish I was back with her and my uncleee. She's Spectrum's twin, but moved from the tribe to the clans. And brought Evening of Diving Swifts with her xD

Uncle: Brownstorm.

(Mate?: Gravelstorm. Spectrum forbidded me to love him -_- because she wants Evening to be leader before she can get a mate. Spectrum's a high hitter o_o but now it's secret. So cliche xD)

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