aka Glowe

  • I live in the Andromeda Galaxy
  • I am magical

Hello, I am Emberglowe. Call me Glowe or just Ember for short. I am female and I will just say that I am younger than most people here. I am not a huge fan of Warriors but I like fanfictions myself. I will say out there that I have a temper that will explode fairly easily. So yeah, you can see me explode and act like a toddler at times. But that would be embarrassing. I like a civiled page so sorry if this looks so plain (like an Abnegation's house or something. If I lived in that Abnegation place, I would storm out of the house and live with Amity or somethin') but that is just my nature.

I am okay with sigs. I can make you one; please post a request in my talk page.

Here is my work with sigs anyways : -"A f t e r all t h i s ti m e ?" "Always." 04:48, December 2, 2014 (UTC)

(That is my second siggy so it isn't as good as some other siggys...)

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