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K, so I figured I'd finally do something with this page.

My warriors name is Leopardspot.

I like to write really random stuff.

My fanfictions

Crippling Ice

The Warriors Chat Room

Leafpool's Destiny- NOT!

Day and Night

Fanfictions I Like

The Atton Rand and Cloudtail Show

Community Christmas Spoof

Warriors Wiki Community EASTER Spoof

Ancient Powers

I'll add more as I go. If you don't want yours here or something, lemme know.

Stuff I Like

Warriors (duh. XD)

Harry Potter

Star Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars


In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm a freaking NERD

and proud. :D

MMO's I Play:


Free Realms

Guild Wars

Yeah, I know. Kids stuff, mostly, but I live in a family that revolves around MMO's. My dad bought Guild Wars because he was looking for podcasts. Well, me, him, and my mom got hooked. Eventually, my mom became GW buddies with an editor on Massively, and she eventually got a job their too. So we all play MMO's now. Currently, my dad is sitting behind me playing DDO on one of our computers with my mom and some random people.

So, yeah.

My Favorites


"Oh yes, we loners eat clan apprentices whenever we can catch one." -Ravenpaw, trying to scare off a pair of WindClan apprentices from his conversation with Fireheart and Graystripe in Fire and Ice.

"What are you doing in my territory?" -Silverstream "Drowning? -Graystripe (Fire and Ice)


Jayfeather- He's blind, but he won't be restricted because of it. BREAK DOWN THOSE BOUNDARIES! Also, he has an attitude. I like that.

Ravenpaw- He's easily scared in the first book, but after he moves he friendly and a joker.

Graystripe- Cool Rulebreaker. I can totally imagine him walking around the camp in sunglasses.

Cloudtail- He's all around awesome, caring, and cool.

Lionblaze- He's all like "Rawr" you know?


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