My name is Elijah from NJ and I'm the most recently joined person, recently joined March, 2016. I'm so eager to become a part of this amazing....and i mean AMAZING website!!I dont know much, like signatures are complicated LOL. I'm a really great writer, and if you need me to write a collab or anything important, ill try to be there to get it done! IM FRIENDS TO ALL!! Also, if you need help with story ideas or anything, just let me know, you could check out my upcoming ones, and if you like, i can actually give you the summary! I write any stories, such as warriorcat fanfics, to life stories, to dragons (fan of Eragon) and more. THANKS AGAIN, AND NICE TO MEET U IF I HAVENT MET U YET!


Minecraft: ElijahCole11,

Basketball Player,


Love tech toys like Anki Overdrive and Parrot Drones,

Have lots friends in my school and elsewhere,

Favorite color: red!!!


Favorite Warrior: ummm.....i'll go with Firestar or Lionblaze

Warrior makeup name: I was going with Gingersplash, but then went to awesome WATERFANG!!!!

NO FAVORITE SONG or movie. Matter fact, i love the good dinosaur, and secret life of pets....

I play Minecraft, Agar.io, Slither.io, and Diep.io, and im good, so if you wanna take me on, watch out...


FAV Country/Continent: AUSTRALIA!!! or India.or America..or Asia..i...just..don't know. Won many try not to laugh challenges. TRY ME!!!

Know every SINGLE car in the universe

Anyway....i could go one forever, but i wouldn't. Too much stuff lol.

Thank you!! Hopefully, my warrior fanfics will AMAZE you to death!!! THANKS AGAIN!


Stormver, Foxstep, Brighty, Misty, Rainsplash, Cocopaw, DayDreamyMoo, NightstarLeader, Dogwood, Bayberry, Racerbird, Icefang, Hollywhisker, Hollytuft, Izayah, Swiftclaw, Flame, Lokilog, Cchen(firey), Mintshadepelt, Fireflypelt, Birdpaw, MeadowWing, Silverwind, and Pumpkintail.

Important Days

March 28th, 2016.................First day and fanfic page made!

April 28th, 2016.......................100th edit and 1st month since March 28th!

June 15th, 2016......................200th edit

July 5th, 2016..........................300th edit

August 4th, 2016.....................400th edit

September 7th, 2016..............500th edit

October 15th, 2016.................600th edit

Upcoming Important Fanfics (Teasers)

  1. Courage: ("Whiskers?" Aspen huddled around the dying cat, his face twitching with pain as the dust settled around them. Blood dripped down his neck, staining the floor. The world was screaming around them both, Twolegs sprinting all over the place. Whiskers looked up to Aspen, trying to make out the words,"Trust me somthin Aspen,....don't ever give up on what's right, and don't stop fighting for what's right. Believe in yourself....Believe in the Warriors,....because they are real, and you must find them alone....without me...." Aspen's eyes watered as he squeezed the old cat's fur, never wanted to let go, "I'll never forget you." "Nor will I. A great adventure lies ahead with your destiny. Follow it. Be Courageous...." He whispered, then let out his final breath, which floated into the rubble, into nothing.) Aspen was a housecat kit of a young girl named Trish in California, before her family, along with him, moved to the great outdoors of Costa Rica. After many years later, his family seperated, and he was alone as a rogue in the tropics. His best friend was an old cat, Whiskers, who Aspen looked up to for protection. Then on a day, a family in a resturant accidentally abandoned a book, Warriorcat Guide, in which Aspen takes with him to Whiskers to find out what it was. Overtime, Aspen wishes to become a cat like the ones he hears about, even training himself for the things Whisker reads. Then disaster strikes. The ground shakes. The world becomes washed in water, and Aspen is alone in the wreckage. StarClan heard about him, how a warrior would up rise from a place outside of the Clans, and knew they had to go help him, and make him discover what a true warrior is, telling the cats of the four Clans to take a very large journey to retrieve him. Now, Aspen's only chance of surviving rest on his shoulders, and the Warrior book. In order to survive in the tropics, he first had to adapt to the Warriors.
  2. New! Tails of the Clans: Resurgence: Months had passed since the 23 cats ventured off to destroy the Mists of Time. And although they destroyed it, they lost many lives, but the Mists granted them life for good. But even now, the past is haunting them ever so more, and lives in the Clans were starting to change. Soon enough, the Dark Forest everyone believed was gone after Firestar's death revived the evil cats that the clan cats were sent to kill, but only this time, their spirits floated into the soul of other Clan members and cats of the Twoleg Towns. Now the Clans are on the eve of destruction from they're clanmates, and the battle of trust is growing deadlier, which has started a war that can tear the clans apart. Unless the cats who stopped the Mists of Time, go face to face with their worst enemies, now stronger, faster, and hard to find, the Clans would be a massacre of horror. Now this time, if the cats die, they're gone for good. Tails of The Clans 2
  3. New! Floodwaters: The Clans prepare for a devastating flood, only to realize that it was a setup by another Clan to takeover.
  4. New! Re-live: A newly named warrior cat who dies from a horrifying disaster is sent back with all his memories as his own self as an apprentice moons before the ceremony, and now has to prevent what had killed him and the Clan.
  5. New! The Vanishing: An apprentice is presumed stolen or dead when she vanishes on the border of ShadowClan and ThunderClan. While the Clans argue and begin to tear themselves apart, one warrior, an elder, and a friend of the apprentice realize that she wasn't stolen by a Clan, more like taken by something else. And she's still alive
  6. .


The Pokemon Disaster When a few kids in the neighborhood decide to search for rare pokemon in the forest, the warriorcat who are struggling with themselves at the same time are in for a deadly attack from them. ITs actually pretty funny, i laugh everytime


  1. Dewclans rise When three cats run away from home to join another cat, they were excited, cause they were starting a new clan, a new life, a new world for them. Only then did they realize that as time moved on, their friendship began to drift away, leading their lives into danger and saddness. Collab with Flameheart!
  2. Funny Warriors Commercials Basically anyone could edit this, its for everyone. You make a commercial that is funny and its resembled to the warriors, such as Moxi Clean for cat fur, or Kit Killer 2000. LOL!
  3. The Lost Clan/Allegiances Cats of the Clans for the Lost Clan Story.
  4. The Lost Clan On one side of the mountains, a bunch of cats were adventuring to find a forced out clan, known as CloudClan, which were struggling with life. At the same time, two cats will risk anything to save their lost sibling, who vanished after a dog attack seperated them.

My favorite pages

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    1. UPCOMING LOST ONES FANFIC DATES & TIMES Shows the dates, which i pretty much failed so far, of the lost ones fanfics.
    2. TALK PAGE Its pretty self-explanatory
    3. Lost Ones My first fanfic! Waterpaw used to live in a quiet, beautiful home which he called ThunderClan, until the day that a new threat, a resurrection of the Blood Clan attacked the clans, forcing him to a new clan, where he thrived and learned, and later became a leader, strong enough to stop Lynx's Clan. This part of the story is the beginning, so not everything is there.
    4. LOST_ONES_(Fire_Scene) After they were forced out, the group trekked for miles into the forest, when they faced their first obstacle, fire. There in this event, they meet Moonstar, and Waterpaw battles Lynx for the first time.
    5. Lost Ones Snake Scene Warrior Ceremony (EARLY RELEASE) After the group somehow manages to get away and live in the clan called FrostClan, Waterpaw saves a clan member from a snake bite, and miraculously survives, earning the new warrior name, Waterfang.
    6. Warrior cat Names I've Used and Other Great Ones for Warriorcat name searchers Self explanatory too
    7. LOST ONES EARTHQUAKE SCENE When Waterfang is appointed deputy, he feels like his life will become better. but it doesn't. Now Waterfang must face 2 huge earthquakes, 8.4 idk, and watches his home, his friends, and even Moonstar fade away into the rubble.
    8. Fix Up... Warriors: End of the Clans: By Elijah=Waterfang2016 Widowpaw loves her home in RiverClan, and things couldn't be better, until a sudden tsunami strikes the clans. Now the survivors must find a new home quickly, before the warriors is gone from existence. This story is in the POV of various characters.
    9. The Darkness Over The Clans This is a story about a cat named Sparrowpaw and her friends who go on an adventure to search for a mystery of why cats are vanishing in the Clans. Soon enough, they run into the worst kind of adventure, the one that may even risk their own lives, cause the mystery itself is hunting them down.

Most Popular and Best Fanfics

  1. TOTC THE MOST POPULAR, LONGEST, FAVORITE, AND BEST FANFIC I'VE EVER WRITTEN IN MY LIFE! I REALLY WISH THIS STORY WAS A MOVIE TOO! This story is about a bunch of 20 warriors, and 3 cats, who live in a tale of their lives in the clans or elsewhere, either battling creatures, or trying new stuff, or exploring, and even looking into the face of death and danger. One day, they were called to a meeting, where StarClan chose them as the most bravest and powerful cats there are to walk into the mists of time, and destroy their worst enemies and memories, to end the mist of time, before it destroys the clans. They think that it'll be easy, but they were warned that not everyone will come out alive, unless the Mists allow it. Soon enough, saddness, horror and tragedy, and memories strike the cats, and the one hope they were looking for seems to be in the hands of death itself.
  2. Tails of The Clans 2 A sequel to the 1st TOTC.
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