Hi, {{{1}}}! Welcome to my (not so) wonderful profile!

Hey! I’m Echoheart123, but you can call me Echo! I love Warriors, and I have been reading it since I was in second grade (I know; a long time. I’m old). I love writing fanfics, but I haven’t been able to complete any because I’ve been very busy. My profile and talk page isn’t that exciting yet......but I’m getting there. I’m a noobie and I only know how to do simple coding.

Anyways, I would love it if you read my fanfics, and I would be more than happy to read yours!

My Fanfics!!!!

Pronoun-wise, feel free to use she/her or he/him!

Fun facts about me

  • I live in Nashville, Tennessee!
  • My favorite animals are sheep, dogs, cats, horses, and birds!
  • I have a dog named Renzo!
  • I like to draw! (And I think I’m okay at it........)

My favorite pages

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