Ebony Huo

aka Ebs, Oki/Okina, and Whit/Whiteh

  • I live in that endless pit of homework and exams
  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is dying because of exams and some personal stuff lol
  • I am wrapping gifts in duck tape

My art-

rip i actually don't come on here anymore... :(

I'm more active on my DVA and WattPad, and I've got a YT channel as well, so feel free to contact me over there :)

Also, I'm still taking in art requests and/or some cover art. Only three per person though.

I'll try to finish Wings as soon as I can :)

"God bless the cactuses!"

"That's cacTI."

"That's racist!"




More Useless Info~

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