Current focus: All Is Lost and No Sounds



  1. Heavystar's Lie - Finished - Heavystar is living a lie, and he must make a choice, keep on lying or leave the Clan.
  2. From The Dust - Finished - If the most of the Clan cats had been wiped out on the Great Journey, and what would happen to the rest of the cats, who were left to pick up the pieces.
  3. The Flood - Brain-blocked - Amberpaw is a ShadowClan apprentice, who becomes a warrior, but a flood comes to their territory and threatens to destroy their Clan.
  4. A Clan of Their OwnBrain-blocked - Jingo and the other Twolegplace cats after Sunrise
  5. Imprudent and Meek - Finished - Frogpaw and Lilacpaw, have always been members of RiverClan, but a secret comes out that shakes the Clan to it's roots.
  6. The Cure - Finished - Honeypaw's Clan is being destroyed by an unknown sickness, can she stop it in time?
  7. Blurred Appearance - On Hold - Owlpaw and Cloudypaw are polar opposites, Owlpaw can see very far away, and Cloudypaw is blind.
  8. Longing for Home - In Progress - Birdflight's life after she moved to ThunderClan
  9. Dwindle - In Progress - ThunderClan has always been a Clan, but when their members start to dwindle, will they survive?
  10. All Is Lost - In Progress - All Pinepelt had ever wanted was to become a warrior, but now that she-s expecting kits, she doesn't want them. After an accident, her kits die. Will she ever forgive herself for not wanting what she needed most?
  11. Reedtail Decides - Coming Soon!


A Final Wish Series

  1. Hidden Meanings - On Hold - What if Smudge had come to the forest instead of Rusty?
  2. Wishing for More - Coming Soon! - Patchpaw is now a warrior, Patchspot, and he has to fight for his spot in the Clan.
  3. The Rise and Fall of Power - Coming Soon! - A dark warrior has gripped the heart of ThunderClan, and RiverClan must help remove him.
  4. Real Loyalty - Coming Soon! - Patchspot learns the meaning of real loyalty, from a cat nobody expects. He is devistated when a special cat in his life dies.
  5. Moon's Trail - Coming Soon! - Patchspot gains a mate and kits, and his kit's turn out to be very mischievous.
  6. Triumph from Defeat - Coming Soon! - RiverClan is defeated, it is a defeat that they cannot come back from, that is until Patchspot becomes deputy.

Pre-Super Editions

  1. Moon's Delicate Flower - Oh Hold - Moonflower's life before Bluestar and Snowfur.
  2. As the Leaf Shined - On Hold - Leafshine's life.

Adopted Stories

  1. No Sounds - In Progress - Airkit is a kit that is deaf, her struggles. Adopted from Hiddensun.
  2. Name of a Warrior - Finished - How each Clan names their warriors. Adopted from Artimas Hunter.
  3. Mintpaw: The HeatherClan Medicine Cat Apprentice - On Hold - Mintpaw was named after a herb, but is she destined to become the greatest medicine cat ever? Adopted from Honeyrose34.


  1. Sorreltail's Journey - Companion book to From The Dust, about Sorreltail's struggles to find the Clan.
  2. Surviving During the Blizzard - A fierce blizzard traps WindClan into their camp. Will the Clan be able to survive?
  3. Conflict - A war has been going on for so many moons, that even the elders don't know when or why it started, but will the war destroy the Clans or will one apprentice be able to stop it.
  4. Pathways - A Clan is chased out of the forest and must now live in Twolegplace. Will the Clan survive?
  5. Settling For Less - Crowfeather has rejected Nightcloud on every level, and now she has settled for another Clanmate, but will she ever be happy settling for less?
  6. Into Thin Air - Cats from each of the Clans are vanishing into thin air, will a warrior be able to find them, or will the Clans go to war?
  7. Bondage Trilogy - Slavery, Commitment, and Liberty A dictator has sprung up in ShadowClan and has taken captives from ThunderClan, will the Clans survive, or be torn apart from the fierce ruler?
  8. As The Deer Was Leaping - pre-super edition about Deerleap
  9. Why His Heart Was a Shell - pre-super edition about Shellheart



In A Short Time

  1. Fearless -- OA is Group1Crew, Tallstar
  2. Made for Me -- OA is tobyMac, Oakheart
  3. Blue Sky -- OA is Francesca Battistelli
  4. Freefall -- OA is Royal Tailor
  5. People Change -- OA is For King & Country, Ashfur
  6. Secrets -- OA is OneRepublic, Leafpool
  7. Born for This -- OA is Mandisa, Rowanberry
  8. Light It Up -- OA is For King & Country
  9. Words -- OA is Hawk Nelson, Blossomfall
  10. I Feel So Alive -- OA is Capital Kings
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