So ehh hi?

You have to know I am not a social person and like to be alone with my books and fantasy, but every now and then even a loner needs some company!! I would like to be referred to as she/her.


I hope you understand that I do not want to tell to much about myself bu well here'as what I will say:

  • I live in Germany
  • I have a dog but am a cat person (my dog''s a family pet)
  • I play the flute and have been doing so for about six years now

I might say more about myself if asked nicely.

My Fanfictions

I've got more but they are sooooooooo bad noone would want to read them believe me! I will also gladly do a collab just leave a message on my talk page.

A warrior's ceremony

Frosted Paws

Roar of the Wild Cats a collab by Ginger and me

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