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Hello there {{{1}}}, my name is DayDreamyy Moo. But you can just call me Moo! I am obsessed with warriors and drawing and have been for the past few years now. I love every animal in the entire world, even spiders, maggots, and any animal you think I might dislike! I'm very sensitive and tend to take things to heart, and I can be a bit of an idiot in the Chat, so if I embarrass myself, please try your hardest to forget. Yikes. My favourite singer is Zella Day and my favourite band is Twenty Øne Pilots. And yes, my edit count is quite tragic because I joined then quit for a few months and only came back around August.

All my frens! I mean friends...










Here are all of my fanfics so far!


Shadowed Island - My first ever fanfiction series c: Place yourselves in Lilypaw's paws as she deals with the great hardship we call 'life' - coming from a litter of eight, which is extremely rare and supposed to be extremely good luck, it is rumoured that she is going to be a 'great saviour'. But maybe losing and loving is being a saviour. **INACTIVE**

Singles/Short Stories:

Dusklight and Dawnlight - Pinepaw - genius, intelligent, and gifted. Ashsky - clever, witty, but not what he seems. Jewel - pretty, young, and sweet. Snowpaw - bubbly, social, and loveable. And many more cats; to join. This is the story of DuskClan. *WILL BE CHANGED BC THIS IS LAZY AF AND TERRIBLE LOL* **INACTIVE**


Fading Stars - A collab with Pumpkin and I! Wavestorm, what everyone thought was a loyal and hard-working deputy, rose to become leader of DuskClan. But unfortunately, everyone's dreams were crushed as soon as they realised Wavestar was actually a bloodthirsty, cold, ambitious, heartless, hollow, murderous and cruel cat. Eventually the other three Clans, DawnClan, MorningClan and NightClan teamed up to kill him, and although he's gone, his cruel reign has left a deep scar on the history of the four Clans. The other Clans are still extremely untrusting of DuskClan, and blame them for their cruel leader. Meanwhile, two she-cats, Riversky and Sparrowsong, realise they play part in two cats' destiny - they must guide their apprentices, Briarpaw and Leafpaw, to save DuskClan.

Warrior Cats We Met In Real Life - A collab with Pumpkin, Dogwood, Lyrix, and me! This story is based on cats we have seen in real life - our neighbourhood, our friend's cats, and even school (yes, cats can stick around schools and I know from personal experience). Follow their lives in this story as they learn many important life lessons! **INACTIVE BECAUSE EVERYONE SEEMS TO HAVE STOPPED WRITING ON IT**

Revenge of the Dark Forest - A collab with Pumpkin, Dogwood, Lyrix, Snow, Flame, and me! The story is based on a roleplay, and is quite active! Though I'm really desperate to write my chapter... lol

Rivers To Nowhere - A collab with Coco, Lyrix, and me! Petaldusk, Cherryfeather, and Ravenshade. All different she-cats... Who are about to be locked into a lot of drama - romance-wise. Cherryfeather has had a crush on Petaldusk for her whole life, but there are three problems: One, the Clan would never accept two she-cats to be mates or love one another, two, toms are all over Petaldusk, and three: Petaldusk is straight; she will only love toms, not she-cats. She will only wish to raise kits with toms, not she-cats. But little does Cherryfeather know that Ravenshade, her best friend, is right there, falling for her hard. Will Cherryfeather ever be aware of Ravenshade's love? Will Petaldusk find out about a she-cat falling in love with her? Find out in this awesome story...




Journey - In MistClan, you either kill or be killed. It's more of a messed-up society, if anything. Mothsplash, a young warrior, finds herself caught in the midst of drama, when everyone she knows and laughs is either dead or broken - whether it's external or internal. A murder mystery about her mother, a dead brother, and a journey to save her father from death, what can Mothsplash do?

Here are all my siggies!


you do to me so well, hypnotic taking over me - ZELLA DAY IS THE BEST OK THIS EXPLAINS... EVERYTHING


(ordered in latest > oldest, so the okay old ones are at the top while the crappy ones are at the bottom)

Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile - Unfortunately, I had to change my old sig because I noticed it looked similar to someone else's, completely coincidentally. I found a new trick for gradients, so sometimes they turn out different. This is just a nice quote I like, and this time I will keep this one for much, much longer :)

May you always be satisfied - So ya! This sig. A lyric from Hamilton! The song is Satisfied and my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE (probably, there are so many to choose from!) The first link actually doesn't work here so forgive me!

Dawn, dusk... - Gradients!! I really like this one, even though it's quite simple. And I did the 'raising text' thingy again. And yes, I'm using this font again (download the font AquilineTwo to see!)

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations - So, my first gradient sig! Yay! It's hardly noticeable but I think it went smoothly and I did a good job. I just looked up a random quote tho lol. The spacing is a bit of an issue but eh. THE CODE TOOK FOREVER TO WRITE. Unfortunately I had to change it because the one you see right now has spacing issues, the original would just mess up on other people's talk pages

Did you know that food is edible? A really simple and quick one! I just thought up of a cheap joke and typed it out. Nothing special!

Nothing else will ever say more words than the eyes of an animal - A quote about animals, so of course I like it! I wasn't really proud of this one so I changed it quickly :/

TIGERS AND LIONSLEOPARDS AND KITTIESRAWR!] - My first siggie! I have experience in coding already so this was no trouble at all (my memory was a lil rusty tho). I have no idea what was going through my head when I made this... bleh

... Because God knows this wiki should know me better lol

Age: Between 10 and 140. Have fun guessing!


Family: I'm the youngest, with an older sister AND older brother.

Friends: IRL; not many rip. WFW; a lot? lol

Nicknames: Moo, Daydream, Dreamy, but I prefer 'Moo'.

Pronouns: She/her or they/them c:

Nationality: 1/4 Italian, mostly Australian

IRL Appearance: dark brown curly hair w/ chocolate brown eyes. Brown is best

Sexuality: Panromantic asexual. Romantically attracted to all genders (doesn't mean I like everyone, it just means gender isn't a barrier), but sexually attracted to no genders.

Zodiac: Supposed to be Leo, but I'm the bigGest Cancer!!

Favourite Bands/Singers: Twenty One Pilots, Hayley Kiyoko, Zella Day

Extra: Nooope.

Just a side-note: I am very defensive and feel very strongly about certain things in Warriors, so I may come off as an a-hole most of the time. This is not disrespecting your opinion. In fact, I respect most opinions, but I do not in any shape or form respect opinions about... certain things which shall not be typed.

Easily offended? Extremely defensive? Don't read.

Basically, here are things I hate about Warriors:

- Smut. It isn't even allowed on this wiki, thank God.

- Those people who defend their headcanons to the death like crazy

- ScourgeXAshfur

- I don't really read spoofs, sorry.

- Those really obvious prophecies, like "The Morning will be poisoned with Venom and then upon the wings of the Dove, Eagle, and Owl the Sun will be brought back to the Night sky". Oh, especially the capitals

- Crackships. I don't hate them, but I do begin to hate them when they're not even funny anymore.

- HollyleafXIvypool. I'm ALL for gay/lesbian, but come on guys... They're related.

- BloodClan. It's way too overhyped in my opinion

- Labels

- Those people who defend Scourge for his tragic backstory

- Character defence in general. There's nothing wrong with defending your fave, but don't take it to extremes with "KILL YOURSELF" and stuff.

- GreystripeXSilverstream. Yes, I know... While I like the cats individually, their relationship is terrible.

- Genetic mistakes. Normally I'll shut up about it because I'm too nice and then if I say a word people will reprimand me for being too nitpicky or rude.

- Boring/cliche characters. This is a no-brainer.

- The Erins' EXTREMELY OBVIOUS bias towards ThunderClan. Basically, that stupid, boring Clan is their clear favourite, and it is so annoying how they're the favoured Clan!

- Alderpaw. The biggest Anti-Sue ever. An Anti-Sue is a character who is written so poorly and underdeveloped, and are the result of an author trying too hard to make them not a Sue. While I appreciate them not making Sues instead, Anti-Sues still suck because they are always awful at everything to the point it's unrealistic. In the entirety of TAQ, Alderpaw couldn't catch ONE piece of prey, learn ONE basic battle move, and let's not forget how he forgot every herb he learned in seconds.

- Ridiculous names. You know, the Hopehearts, the Crystalfeathers, the Angelwings, the usual.

- When people overuse "rare" prefixes/suffixes

- HawkfrostXIvypool. DISGUSTING. Huge age gap, abuse... Oh I could go on and on about how much I hate this ship.

- Three-part names. Silvermoonstar, Bravefireheart... What?

- Dovewing... Ugh.

- Overused plots. The gradual rise from kit to leader, LOVE TRIANGLES!!21! etc.

- Stereotyped characters. That just says it all!

- DustpeltXFerncloud. Ship it? Don't talk to me. If you're my friend, then well... That's awkward. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE this ship sooooooOOOOOO MUCH. "Why?" you cry. "IT'S SO CUTE!" Hello new enemy! HUGE age gap; Dustpelt was flirting with her when she was an apprentice! WHEN SHE WAS SIX MOONS OLD! And Dustpelt is a disgusting character. I hate him. And even worse, they had multiple litters of kits. Oh, and Dustpelt is her uNCLE. AND THE FANS WANTED FERNCLOUD - A V I C T I M - TO DIE. BECAUSE SHE HAD TOO MANY BABIES. AAAAAAAAAAH SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. SHAME ON THE FANS WHO COMPLAINED ABOUT IT. SHAME ON VICKY FOR LISTENING TO THEM. SHAME ON DUSTPELT THAT DISGUSTING CREEPO. SHAME ON EVERYONE

- Those homophobes. I don't mind if you don't support homosexuality, but if you're hating on it, then don't talk to me.

- Millie. Say her name, and I'll tear apart every pillow in my house.

- Those people who post published books. While it has never happened here (I think... The only ones I see are spoofs which aren't copies obviously), it happens on countless other story websites. And there are people who actually copy WORD BY WORD of scenes from books for their stories. And it was... Nope nope nope nope!

- Also those people who copy other people's story ideas, characters, etc.

- Terrible spelling and grammar really ticks me off.

- Any ship with huge age gaps or being related: CrowpawXFeathertail, FoxleapXDovewing... EEWWW.

- Compound names. Names that are real words. Bluebird, Blackbird, Songbird, Sandstorm... They! Are! Real! Words!

- Those Goddamn arguments over SCOURGE'S FREAKING COLLAR.

- BrambleclawXSquirrelflight. They aren't related or have an age gap of any sort, but it's... eeeeehhhhhhhhh.

- "It doesn't matter they are just cats!" Say this around me and bye Felicia. Bye bye bye!

- People who shame this wiki or Warriors Wiki. It's a lot of hard work!

- CrowfeatherXLeafpool. WORST. SHIP. EVER. Apart from DustXFern.

- Rainflower. Is terrrrriiiiibbbbleeee!!!!!

- Ship names like "Briarfeather" or "Firestorm". They sound like real warrior names and it's confusing to figure out which ship you're talking about. Just say BriarJay or FireSand.

- Those "insane" OC's. Do I even need to explain?

- FirestarXSpottedleaf. Oh my God... I need to explain why? Huge age gap, stalking... Ughh.

I have never ever ever ever gotten a signature request, unfortunately. I've always wanted to do one for a new user, but they never answer me :/ oh well. So please please please fill out this form if you want one. I really would like to make a siggie for someone because it seems no one really likes my coding rip.




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