aka Dawnheart, Hearty

  • I live in somewhere over the rainbow
  • My occupation is running from waffle haters
  • I am an epical werewaffle

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Ok, Wiki!

About Me

HEEEEEEEEEYYYY! I'm DawnheartStormClan16, but you can call me Dawnheart or Hearty. I am a werewaffle, a rare species. I have a lot of OCs and all that dirt, but if you want to see my info for some stalkerish reason, look at my Warriors Wiki profile above! I am on a bunch of roleplay sites, like Warrior Cats Reborn, and if you want to roleplay, I'm probably Silverleaf in ShadowClan. I mostly write about my OCs and the real Clans and spoofs and song fics, and random stuffs like that. If you want me to adopt a fanfic, tell me on my talk page! That's it so....... BAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My RP site

My Warrior Cats Reborn profile

Ok, I'm just gonna do this for more info you stalkers:

Name: hnhj  nlkj dhlbvn mcn/ Hearty/ DawnheartStormClan16

Age: 100000000000000000000000000000

Favorite Color: purple/ turquiose

Favorite Quote: YOLO!!!!!!!

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