aka Marine Animal Lover

  • I live in A Place Called Earth, Do You Know It?
  • My occupation is Going to Aquariums
  • I am An aquarium fan!!!
Hi!!! I'm Daisytail, a new member

I'm happy to be friends!

Also, im going away from 20 July and will return on August 11. I have a blogpost on it.


Fireberry's Destiny (Series)

Maybe a Turtletail's Wave or something like that.


Daisy My Opinions are changing! 03:49, July 16, 2013 (UTC)


RedPandaPotter-She is awesome and very helpful!

Ginger-One of my friends here on the wiki

Sorrel-A friend that I met on Warriors.wikia

Rainy-Another friend on the wiki! I get a lot of welcomes, yay! 

Tater- I literaly just met her 3 minutes ago. Another welcome!!!


Name: Daisytail. Not telling my real name. Age: Confidential Pets: Wish I had some... Likes; Books: Warriors, and that's it really. I'll have to think that through. Movies: I'm not really sure. Songs: Also not really sure... Games: I am always forced to play warrior cats with my younger sister... : ( I LOVE WARRIORS!!! I got this layout from Ginger, so all the credit goes to her!

Current Warrior: I'm not sure... It always changes.

I am a fan of Bluebreeze and Turtlepaw (From the SeaClan Series by Rainy), Blossomdew (From The Blossoming Birch Tree Part 1 by Sorrel) it is a series with parts 1, 2 and 3 so go check that out, and others. My opinions always change, so don't be surprised if my descriptions keep changing!

Have fun with my userpages!  Daisy My Opinions are changing! 03:49, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

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