Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Hello! I'm Cutekaboo, which really can't be shortened to much other than 'Cute'. Though calling me cute would be really nice of you ;D.

I write a lot and I tend to focus more on deelopment of characters in my stories. I also have a habit of killing off beloved characters in my stories, so be warned. 

Cutekaboo Bravery isn't about speeches, it's about actions



  • Loyal Seas- Seatail is misunderstood by most of his clan, and is an outcast because of it. But, when the only cat who understands him reveals she is breaking the warrior code by loving a ShadowClan cat, his world seems to crumble. But the biggest question of all, as he struggles with how to handle this secret, is if his loyalties are to the warrior code, his friend, or himself.
  • Life's Curse- (sequel to Loyal Seas) As the war with ShadowClan continues and even more blood is shed, the half-clan kits, Berrykit, Duskkit, and Hiddenkit  begin to wonder exactly who and what they are. This is made worse by arguements of which clan the kits belong to and the hatred most of RiverClan have for them and their adoptive father, Seatail. But life is about to get much worse for them as they learn of a curse that has befallen them and Seatail for Seatail's past misdeeds.
  • Dark and Light- When a prophecy comes to all the medicine cats of the clans telling of a lightness and darkness coming, the clans start to split and bicker about what it means. These high tensions may tear the clans apart, especially as odd disasters keep leaving cats injured or killed and everyone is terrified. Amidst all this, two loners seek shelter with the clans. However, these two loners may have more to do with this chaos than even they know.


  • Elemental Heroes- A tale of cats with elemental powers is brought to mind when destruction begins to fall on the clans. They fear that these cats from the mythical PowerClan might exist and might be the cause of these disasaters. The tales are true, but these suspicouns may not be. Sky is an air cat, a cat with the power of flight and gales, with a guilty past and a stubborn personality that makes him hard to trust. But he, along with some other cats with powers, may be the clans' only hopes of survival.
    • The Earth Opens- OakClan is low on warriors with odd natural disasters killing off most of their ranks, so when the medicine cat apprentice, Stripepaw, finds a mysterious loner named Sky on their territory, they're quick to let him join. However, Sky has a secret. Many, actually. As this antisocial tom is forced to live in OakClan, his bloody past becomes much harder to hide.


  • Solitude
    • Clouds from Beyond- Six cats, very unrealible but needed. Fernflight and her friends have to somehow stop a group of rogues from killing them all and save the world. The problem is, they're like sworn enemies, and they don't get along well.
    • Flashes of Fire- Trapped in a war between two rogue groups, the six Clan cats must make a quick decision, which side will they fight on, what will they do? Is there any hope for this small group of unagreeable friends?
  • Love or loyalty- Whiteclaw, a very loyal medicine cat who would never think of breaking the warrior code, falls in love with a rogue named Jet.