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  • I am Cocopelt101, but I am am also a corgi. I am also a cat, and a bunny, and a llama. I am some crazy animal hybrid, and i love to eat food.

Well, what can I say? My real name is Penny, and I am a crazy...thing. Take me seriously, OR ELSE I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL. Jk lol. I like to eat food. Tacos, pizza, ice cream, and pancakes are my absolute favorite. Literally if food didn't exist, neither would I! 

My music style is classical piano, The Beatles, Billie, Avril Lavigne, and anything that is awesome. I am a crazy girl who is entitled to her opinions, hyper, and sweet.

I am a funny humorous person, and I will never fail to put a smile on your face. (If I feel like it.) My kind of humor is witty and crazy...when YouTubers talk about games they hate by badmouthing the characters and cussing, you'll find me on the floor laughing my head off. But for some reason, I ALWAYS win try not to laugh. So strange! Just like me!


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Omg I <3 The walrus so much. It is so fat and pudgy and cute that I wish I could cuddle with an actual walrus THEY ARE SO CUTE! that is why I love I Am The Walrus by The Beatles. The walrus is one of my favorite animals, and I plan to assist walruses in ruling the world with my other favorite animals some day.

Omg cute walrus BFFs X3

Walruses are so cute because they are fat and awesome and they make cute noises omg I wish that I could meet a real walrus and have brunch with it! 


Flamey - sweet, kind, so nice to me even when I'm in a bad mood. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Moo - kind, amazing, smart, awesome friend. Amazing at psychology, and an excellent writer. 



Roses of Hope - Rosepaw wants to be the leader of her Clan. Her sister, Mistpaw, wants nothing but to rely on her sister and help her Clan in other ways. But when their father, Berrystar dies, the Clan is in control of the new leader, Clawstar. But one thing...Clawstar is deadly. He kills for fun, and loves the feeling of blood on his paws. Rosepaw wants to stand up to him, but when her plans are changed due to a horrifying tragedy, it's all up to Mistpaw. (FINISHED!)

Mapleshade's Chance - after years of rotting in the Dark Forest, plans are being made in StarClan. Cats are reconsidering her path, and Mapleshade finds herself being given an offer to the place she has wished for for so long - StarClan! (FINISHED!)

Jayfeather and Briarlight -two cats. The same path. With Jayfeather's blind vision and Brairlight's dead hind legs, these cats realize that they are made for eachother. But unfortunately, Leaf Bare is near, and WindClan declares a fight. This all ends up in a prophecy, and a problem with one solution...(FINISH!)

Honeywish and the 4 stars - Honeywish was born the night Stormheart received a prophecy: the brightest will light the forest, and four stars will light her path. Honeywish realizes this prophecy was meant for her...she just needs to find her four stars. (STILL ON PAUSE...but almost finished!)

Violetpaw's Quest - a story where Twigpaw and Violetpaw escape, and join SkyClan. (Probably on paws forever. Hey, I said paws, get it? LOL)

Violet Dusks - Rabbitpaw, the oldest apprentice of her clan, has been looked up to for a while, now. But the others don't get her. Rabbitpaw is a dependent cat, and maybe even a bit of a coward. But when a dark prophecy is sent to her sister and a tornado strikes, Rabbitpaw finds herself on her own in a cold snowy land. How is she to survive? (IN PROGRESS!)


Hollyleaf gets jealous - a blah blah dumb spoof 

Leafpool goes organic -another stupid spoof 

NeedleXAlder -one of my best dumb spoofs 

Firestar eats Graystripe oh jeez why did I even write this 

Cats & Couples Game Show -actually this was my best dumb spoof 

Warriors cats elementary school - very, very derpy 

Squirrelstar's leadership - what the heck is this 

VERY FIRST WIKI COMIC!!!!!!! -in progress and actually this isn't *ahem* dumb...


Squirrelflight: pull my tail -NUUUU

Idk more coming soon...

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