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Because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest...

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Yo, I'm Cinderstarz, but you can call me Cinder, Darth Cinder, Ash or Cinderfrost. Wanna know some more about me? Great, well you're at the right place! Feel free to browse around my tabs and check out my fics if you'd like. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on my talk! I am overly addicted to BTS as you may have noticed :D Fellow fangirls/fanboys hmu on my talk because omg I love being an ARMY and fangirling with other ARMYs (can we just TALK about this comeback I am in absolute LOVE oml ok I'll stop hehe) I also enjoy hiking, baking, playing piano, chatting with friends, solving overly complicated math problems, reading mystery novels, et cetera et cetera. I play soccer from time to time, and I love watching FC Barcelona soccer games. (Messi is DA BEST <3) I've been reading Warriors since the third grade. I read all the books published so far, but I'm kind of losing interest in reading them, cause I'm in this for the fanfictions. I'm fairly okay at coding on this wiki, so if you'd like me to make a signature for you, ask for one on my talk. More information about this is under the Requests tab.

Here is whre you will find all my fanfics, completed and in progress. Bramblepaw's Feelings Poem: Completed Mapleshade's Sorrow Stand alone: In progress

Shadows of the Dark Cinderkit and Fallenkit are ordinary kits, full of fun and energy. They are enjoying their life in ShadowClan, and are dreaming of becoming the best warriors they can be. But their parents have a dark secret that could destroy themselves and the Clans. The duo must uncover a prophecy and set out on a mission to save the falling Clans or call doom upon them.- status: still in progress, collab with Fallenrose Deep Down Lies In a Clan...there is one she-cat. She is just a normal warrior, living a normal life. But then...arrives a tom. He has no memories of what has happened, but all he knows it that he's somehow connected to Nightsky. The two face challenges, and they fight for the Clan, their lives, and each other. Status:In progress, Collab with Firey If you would like to do a collab with me, feel free to ask on my talk!

Here's where you'll find all of my fursonas!

Cinderfrost, later Cinderstar (my main fursona!):

Affliation: OceanClan

Description: A beautiful silver gray she-cat with very soft fur and icy blue eyes.

Personality: Cinderfrost is a skilled fighter and hunter. She is also a hardworker and a team player. She is brave and strong willed, but can also be a little timid or shy. She was born a rogue, and her parents cast her out when she was very young. When she had first come to OceanClan, she never spoke to anyone or made much contact with them. As time went by, she was accepted by the Clan, and had come around and begun to talk freely with everyone.


Affliation: Siri's Rogues

Description: A dark brown tabby she cat with green eyes

Personality: Siri is the leader of her own rogue pack. Born a kittypet, she didn't know how to take care of herself. Her owners abandoned her at a young age. She learned how to take care of herself and soon became the most skilled hunter and fighter in all the Twolegplace rogues. Her best friend and adoptive sister is Cleo.


Affliation: Siri's Rogues

Description:A smoky gray she cat with icy blue eyes.

Personality: Cleo is the second in command in Siri's group. Siri and Cleo met when the former was cast out by her owners. Siri had saved Cleo's life when she was being attacked by dogs. Cleo, being two moons younger than Siri, looked up to the dark brown she cat and the two stuck together like sisters. When Siri started her rogue group, Cleo brought many cats to join it and oversaw all the activities in the group, much like a Clan deputy.

Siggy Requests I am now taking siggy requests! Just fill out a form with the following information on my talk: Sig Text: (What you want it to say) Links: (What pages you want to link your sig to. Linking it to your Talk Page is mandatory.) Color/s:(What color/s you want, gradiented or not) Font: (What style you want the text in) Text Shadow: (Shadow added to your sig. Tell me the colors you would like for it, if you want it gradiented or not.) Example siggy request: Sig Text: Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Links: Cinderstarz's Proflie, Cinderstarz's talk, Cinderstarz's opinions page, Mapleshade's Sorrow, Bramblepaw's Feelings, Deep Down Lies, and Shadows of the Dark. Color/s: Black Font:True Lies (download this font from dafont.com to see it) Text Shadow: Blue to pink, gradient The end result would be: Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

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