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Warriors Fanfiction

Welcome to The Strange World of Cinderstar! This is a place all about Cinderstar of ThunderClan! Enjoy!

About Cinderstar

I spend my free time: Drawing, reading, editing on wikis, listening to my ipod.

Favorite Books: Warriors, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Diary of a Teenage Girl series

Favorite movies: Pirates of the Carribbean, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Disney Movies (Especially Tangled and The Lion King), Howl's Moving Castle

Favorite Songs: Stand in the Rain (By Superchic(k)), How to Save a Life (By The Fray), Paradise (By Coldplay).

My Fanfictions



Opinions on Characters from the actual books

Characters I Dislike


  • Spiderleg
  • Ashfur


  • Rainflower


  • Breezepelt

Favorite Characters


  • Cinderpelt/Cinderheart
  • Hollyleaf
  • Bluestar
  • Cloudtail
  • Brightheart
  • Amberkit


  • Tallstar

Clanless Cats

  • Jingo

More coming soon! :)


Here are some conversations I've had in real life, either with myself, my friends or my family. I've given us all warrior names.

List of Characters (In order of appearance)

  • Cinderfall - Me
  • Hollydapple - Another me, not an alternate personality or anything, just me when I'm talking to myself.
  • Willowsplash - my sister
  • Lionclaw - my brother

The Wrath of Cinderfall

Cinderfall: *In an uncharacteristicly evil voice* If you do it, prepare to feel my wrath!

Hollydapple: You don't even have a wrath.

Cinderfall: *In her normal voice* Good point.

You're a Wardrobe!

  • Cinderfall and Willowsplash: You're a dresser!
  • Lionclaw: No, I'm not.
  • Cinderfall and Willowsplash: Fine, if you can't be a dresser, then you're a wardrobe!
  • Lionclaw: I'm not a wardrobe.
  • Willowsplash: Yes you are.
  • (A/N this is based on a dream Willowsplash had recently. I did not come up with this.)

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