Hola kemosabes! I am Bubblez-In-Blu, or you can call me Carly.

About Me

Full Name: Carly Alexa (Two part name ^-^)

Former Name: Carley Alexa (changed at age of 3)


Status: Taken

Zodiac: Pisces

Fav. Color: Lavender

Fav. Color Combo: Aqua, white and gray (not copying Autumn!)

Fav Flower: Iris

Shoe Size: 6

Fav Class: Band & WHD Art and Design

Least Fav. Class: Math

Instruments: Drums, trumpet and guitar

Pets: 4 cats, Tristie, Cracker, Clyde and Bubbles (see name)

Fav Fruit: Kumquats

Fav Band: Rocket to the Moon and Paramore

Fav Singer: Demi Lovato

Fav Show: Gossip Girl

Fav Sports: Volleyball, wakeboarding and lacrosse (I play more, but these are my faves)

Fav Gem: Amethyst

Current Obsession: HipHop Candy (Same here Autumn)


Feb 19, 2010- I joined Warriors Fanfic wikia

Stories/Story Ideas

When You're Gone- When someone is gone, it hurts us all. You are needed, yet you are taken away. It drives us to the limit, desperate to be free of this curse. Follow one cat's struggle to break free of death's iron grip.

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