I'm BramblestarvsAshfur and I love writing. My fanfics are usually terrible, but I have fun writing them.

I'm a 13 year old and I'm female, so please use she/her pronouns. Feel free to come up with new nicknames for me, but check with me before you start calling me something random. (Ex: BSvsAF is a no go for me.)

I don't come on very often for a lot of reasond: school, parents, babysitting, etc.

When I do come on, however, I will write! XD. Excuse my dorkiness. I love making new friends, though I do not like people who are rascist, sexist, or just rude in general.

If you read my fanfics, and they are terrible, I want honesty about them. Be as brutally honest as you... well actually don't be too mean about it. Lol. Sorry. Speaking of fanfics, I need new cat ideas. Anybody is welcome to submit their names on my talk page. Please include the following:

-Warrior's Name

-Warrior's Description

-Warrior's Personality

-Warrior's Clan (FireClan, DarkClan, BreezeClan, GoldClan, loner, rogue, kittypet)

Thank you!

I'm BramblestarvsAshfur and I am proud to be part of the WFW. 😁😁😁😁😁

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