aka Blossomfire aka Blossom

  • I live in ShadowClan

About me

Hi I am Blossomfire(101) you can call me Blossomfire or Blossom. I will be on this wiki the most out of all. I hope I make friends on here and have fun fun fun! I live in ShadowClan and I enjoy my Clan. I am frendly and helpful. I have read all the warriors books and LOVE it. I am on mostly 3 hours a day. My favorite cat would be Bramblestar,from ThunderClan,Tawnypelt from ShadowClan,Ashfoot from WindClan,Mistystar from RiverClan,Echosong from SkyClan,and Scourge from BloodClan. I do enjoy more cats but that would take forever.I live in ShadowClan and my pelt description would be tortoiseshell she-cat tabby stripes and white chest paws and underbelly and golden eyes,her name would be Blossomshadow. I use her a lot. 

How I got on this wiki

I was going to seach up warriors wiki and then I saw Warriors Fanfiction. I read and read on it and LOVED it. I decided to join and thats how I got on this wiki. I was a fan of Arty

My Cats

I have two cats Finn and Spottedleaf. Spottedleaf for short Spot. Spot is a tortoiseshell tabby she-cat with golden eyes and two torn ears. Finn is a gray tabby cat with gray eyes. Spot is older than Finn. They are both indoor cats. Finn is crazy because he is a kitten.

My Fanfics

Bluestar's time in StarClan

Dark Forest Warriors Into The Future (series) 1 Heathersong

Odd and Interesting couples Series

After The Battle By Blossomfire

Warrior cats deaths by their names

A Broken Love Story

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