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Hi, I'm Blizzard. My username changed from Yysser to this so if you see Yysser on my talk page just know I'm to lazy to change it.


"Eat a stick!~ me

" A true warrior is one that never leaves a friend behind."~ me

" for one to understand the rules, one must brake the rules.

~ Alex Stowe in The unwanteds Island of silence

About me

Blizzard is a 13 year old girl who hates school and her favorate sport is fencing. She hates math and her favorate passtime's are reading, watching TV, going on any electronic device, and playing with her pet hamster. her favorate animal is wolves and her favorate quote is " Eat a stick"

This is a puppy drawn by me

Favorate movies

Camp rock

Camp rock 2

National treasure

National tresure 2

All the Ice age movies

All Harry Potter movies

all Narnia movies

All pirates of the caribean movies

Favorate warriors related youtube video's


SSS warrior cats fan animation 

Dimstar's past

Stories and series

My current series that I'm writing is The Rise Of Blizzardstar series,but I'm going to write more stories and series soon.

Weirdest warrior names(yes,I know I stole this from HIMG but whatevs!)

Stumpytail- Really? A tail that's stumpy. Couldn't his mother pick a better name then Stumpykit. It Just sounds so stupid.

Berrynose- His nose is a berry. Daisy's first name for him was just Berry but couldn't Firestar pick a better name then Berrynose. I mean, its like he has a berry for a nose!

Brindleface- Her face is brindle.I think Brindleface is a stupid name.I mean, you can see that her face is brindle.

Barkface- His face is made out of bark. couldn't it have been Barkfur, It sounds like his face is made out of bark.

Loudbelly- his belly is loud. Is he always hungry so he's fat? I don't know why it couldnt have been something better like Loudfish. Fish can be loud when thay splash.

Toadfoot- he has a toad for a foot.

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