Individual Stories

Black Lies - Shimmer Belle is a cat who has been very, very alone for a long, long time. The so-called "white world" that she once shared with all of her friends is her only comfort in life. But when she starts remembering everything about the "outside" world, something within that "perfect" world begins to break...

Otherwise - Five cats have been trapped on a mountaintop for as long as they can remember. They've never found a safe way off of the mountain, and prey is running out. Eventually, Sedge starts to have strange dreams that include visions of the real world, and she realizes that they may be better off dying where no one can see them after all.

This Is the End - Echopaw is just a normal apprentice in IceClan, and she and her friend Bramblepaw enjoy their training and their mentors. Far, far away from IceClan, however, some faint echo of the past is trapped in a bleak, dark place, desperately trying to escape her lonely prison. When secrets are revealed and two worlds collide, Echopaw finds that her life will never be the same.


I've Died for You - the life and death of Moonlark.


Antipathes - the story of Sardonyx. See Bronze Wing.

Lest I Fade Away - the last words of the "first" Echopaw. See This Is the End.

Peccatum - the story of Swiftfeather.

Works In Progress

Individual Stories

Bronze Wing - Stonekit is a young ShiningClan warrior-to-be. With a loving mother, a father who died in the war shortly after her birth, and a Clan full of distrustful cats sneaking glances every heartbeat at her violet eyes, Stonekit's life isn't very comfortable. When she chooses to become a fighter in the war, the world twists before her eyes, and the young Sardonyx learns that everything she thought she knew about the world was wrong.

Heliotrope - (Antique, Lilac)

Time Runner - Collide is one of the many rogues on the list of cats who are potential new members for TimeClan. The choice to make him a warrior may kill him... if the secrets of his past don't kill him first. / Ritsu is a carefree cat who's never really cared where his life takes him. Assigned to be a Time Runner, he quickly discovers the thrill of learning how to run through time... at least, until he figures out what the Greater Time Runners haven't told them. / Dream is a quiet cat, and she's wanted the company of other cats for a long time, so when she's assigned to be a Time Runner, she doesn't really mind. But then she starts to realize something... and she quickly discovers that everything she's been told has been a lie.

When We Fall - Freepaw is just your average apprentice. Between a mentor who she's convinced is trying to murder her with dawn patrols and a crush on an apprentice she's deemed to be extraordinary, Freepaw's life is... very ordinary. That is, until the day an awful fall changes everything she thought she knew about the world...



A large group of young cats has been trained to fight and kill each other. Aaryi, Kayn, Krilla, Skell, and Oburi are only five of these unfortunate cats. Aaryi has killed countless cats for the sake of her impending freedom; Kayn holds all of the secrets of the past but can't share them with anyone; Krilla can't remember anything about her former life; Skell finds himself trapped inside his own mind; and Oburi realizes that there's nothing waiting for him back home. Together, the five of them set out on a great journey to overcome their own darkness and return to their original homes... but they quickly discover that the lives they left behind may not be as great as they made them out to be.

On Hold/Abandoned

Individual Stories

Becoming Shadows - tba

Finding Light - tba

Frostbite - tba

Sapphire Storms - A group of very different apprentices joins together to save their Clans from certain death.

The Sycamore - Winter has a violent past, a lonely present, and an uncertain future. When another cat steps into her life, however, things start to change.


Along the Lonely Path - Two cats, separated a long time ago, now try to find one another again.

Anomaly - Annika and Core were born into a group of cats where everyone has a power of some kind. Everyone, that is, except Core. When Core's life is threatened, he and Annika set out to find another place to live. When they stumble upon the Clans, it is Annika who feels abnormal, and making adjustments is difficult for them.


Last One Left Over

With, Solden, Blacklight, and Kallist are four very different cats living in a segregated society. They all receive an opportunity to redeem themselves from their pasts, although this redemption will lead to their choice of deaths. They each choose their ways, and together they will figure out how to take their final rebellion against the horrible society that stole their hopes.


Even So

Lash has lived in the overseer's camp for most of her life, and as a high-hunter her life has been a pretty good one, all things considered. But she doesn't trust the overseer or his cats, which makes her life a little bit more difficult. As she starts to realize what goes on in the inner workings of this huge camp filled with cats, Lash decides to start getting as many cats out of the camp as quickly as she can. But when she starts to learn that plans such as hers can easily backfire, she has to wonder: What is it that she's really fighting for?

Shadow is a messenger, and he's been content with his life ever since he was a little kit. He and his best friend, Blue, thoroughly enjoy spying on the other cats and reporting their findings back to Hazard, the leader of the camp. He thinks that nothing will ever change, and that his life will be peaceful and quiet - at least until he reaches his twelfth moon, of course. But then Shadow starts seeing things, and though he doesn't believe in ghosts, he knows he's seeing something. But what under the sky could it be...?

Kaeru was once a hunter, desperately acting loyal to the overseer to gain his favor. However, after hearing about the three kits who snuck out of the camp, he decided to escape as well, and his chance came when two more cats left through a hole in the wall. Now he lives far beyond the camp walls, in a budding society where fairness is more important than power and twelve moons of life don't equate to death. However, when the instigators start meddling with their new camp, Kaeru realizes that they'll never truly be free. Why can't they just leave us alone?

Skybee was born in the instigator's camp, and being a waiter is all she's ever known. Alongside all the other waiters and Vivilex, a cat who qualifies as neither a waiter nor a survivor, she awaits the time when she'll be dropped into the mysterious camp she's heard so much about. However, because of the arrival of a cat who can qualify as neither a waiter nor a survivor due to her age, secrets about the true nature of that camp are suddenly revealed to Skybee, and she realizes what horrors await her and the other waiters. What's really going on with this camp...?

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