Even So

  • Originally, I was considering killing Gingersnap instead of Bear. But then I figured out that the twelve-moons killing system would work better. I do feel like Bear had a lot of potential as a character, and as such I do kind of regret having killed him off so early in the story, but it's too late to change that now.
  • Set 1 takes place over the course of only three consecutive days.
  • I came up with the idea for Even So after writing a section for Otherwise in Closure; Hazard's behavior in that section became the entire premise for the overseer's camp. Thus, I had Closure deleted and began anew in the 100 themes challenge :)
  • Originally, I was going to have Lash be the main character for the whole story, and I was even partway through chapter 26 in Lash's perspective... but then I annexed what I'd written so far to chapter 25 and called it Set One. What a shame ;3
  • In Set One, I once accidentally said that Blue was bouncing on "his" paws. Oops o~o
  • Shadow actually appears in Set One, but his name is never given until he speaks in Set Two.
  • Originally, Lily's name was going to be Levi, but then I changed it because I figured an outgoing gray cat fit the name better than a small, quiet, tortoiseshell kit.

I've Died for You

  • ...To be honest, this poem started out as a title and nothing else. I had no real ideas for it; it just kind of... happened. (As many things do, when I'm the author.)
  • As I continued writing, I decided that I wanted to address all of the seemingly petty problems the Clans always had with each other, and to portray them from a different angle - namely, from the perspective of a quiet, introverted, somewhat depressed new character.
  • I decided to use no capital letters and minimal punctuation as a way to reflect Moonlark's quiet nature, and to show how little emotion she had about what all went on around it.

This Is the End

  • I started writing this story with no idea where it was going to go. It's also the story that I ranted the most about while writing it.
  • Though not the first story I started writing on this wiki (that was Sapphire Storms), This Is the End was the first story that I actually completed.
  • It's also the only one, out of all of my stories, that contains acknowledgements at the end.
  • I've considered removing Clawderp from the original plot more than once, or at least changing his name, but due to the overwhelming disappointment that ensued at the mention of the idea, I have yet to actually act on that decision.
  • I once accidentally typed Brambleclaw instead of Bramblepaw.
  • I am aware that the name Echosilver makes little to no logical sense, but you have to admit that it sounds pretty. Right? (Right???)
  • In Closure, Flamingsun was noted as having no memory of talking to Bramblepaw about abandoning Echopaw. Yes, this carries a lot of mysterious implications. No, I'm not telling you what all they are X3

Time Runner

  • Collide may have been named after the Skillet song of the same name.
  • Closure almost revealed massive spoilers about Time Runner... but then it didn't.
  • Originally, the story was going to focus solely on Collide, his backstory, and his present-day life, but then I decided to use one of the user-given characters (Dream) as one of the other main characters, in order to give more insight into the time running side of things, blah, blah, etc.
  • I guess you could say that I kind of vaguely got the inspiration for the name Time Runner from the book series Maze Runner, at least in that I figured out that two-word titles ending in "Runner" sounded kinda cool.


  • There was an original version that covered Capture through Yell, but I quickly realized that things weren't working and decided to rewrite it. Now each individual page is longer... and it's taking way longer to write.
  • Rhade didn't exist in the original version. Neither did Kaeben or Dreidel, actually.
  • I have way more trouble keeping track of the time of day in this series than I should.

(evening, late night, morning, breakfast, midday, afternoon, evening/evening, evening, early morning, morning, /breakfast/...)

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