• I live in under your bed
  • I was born on December 14
  • I am female, of course!

Hello there!

I am Birchpaw, just another user on this wonderful wiki! I look forward to writing fanfics or readers to enjoy! I will list my fanfics below, as you see, so you will be able to check out any of them as you like. I look forward to improving my writing skills and reading the wonderful fanfiction that you guys have made as well!

Finished Fanfictions:

1. Willowflare's past

Unfinished fanfictions:

1. Parade of liars

2. Tranquility


1.  Willowflare's destiny

2.  New divide (series)

3. The lost clan: Echoclan

4. Ignite infinity (series)

Canceled fanfictions


And as you see

I love gray foxes  
Gray Fox Mom with Kits by Kathryn Hile

Gray Fox Mom with Kits by Kathryn Hile.... Kawaii!

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