November 19th

My birthday! Whoo hoo!

Did a service project today. Loaded a bus with boxes of food and delivered it to needy families in Downtown Atlanta. (I live in Georgia)

Had a basketball game. We lost 28 to 27

November 20th

Went to church this morning and got mauled by a bunch of kids that wanted sugar in Sunday School (I volunteer every few weeks). Went to lunch with old family friends.

Finished book report for school on "This Present Darkness," by Frank Peretti.

November 21st

Went to get a haircut and went to lunch with some friends. A couple of my sister's friends came over to spend the night.

Going to a bible study with my gf and a bunch of friends tonight.

Had an deep conversation with one of my friends about stuff I cannot mention here on wikia, all really. I made a promise.

November 22nd

Completely re-organized my room. You can't even tell that my room is my room now...........even if you were there watching me do it.

Helped my parents paint their bedroom.

Went on a bikeride with my friends at at park close to our house. Fell into a thornbush and then had to get back out.

November 23rd

Went to a park to get our pictures taken.

Spent hour after hour cleaning up my house.........and only got two rooms up to my mom's rather strict standards for our house.

Went running.

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