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Hey! I'm BigTimeAwesomeness! Welcome to my User Page!

How I Discovered Warriors

A few years ago, when I was in Fourth Grade, a lot of my friends were reading the first Warriors' Series. It looked interesting, so I bought "Into the Wild." I didn't really get into it, and at that time, I didn't like it. So I put it aside. A couple of months later, we had to read a book we've never read before. I had no other books I've never read before, so I read "Into the Wild." I was hooked after the Prologue.

About Me

The first thing you need to know about me is that I'm an athlete. I played baseball for a few years, I run Cross-Country, Track and Field, I play Basketball, and I will play Tennis in the spring and Football next fall. I enjoy reading, writing stories (including warriors fanons), and hanging out with my buds who live in my neighborhood. I'm in Middle School, more specifically Seventh Grade. I have golden-brown hair, tan skin, and I'm 6 feet, 2 inches tall.

Favorite Cats

  1. Stormfur- An extremely beastly cat!
  2. Jayfeather- A sarcastic, blind medicine cat with the power of the stars in his paws! Try topping that!
  3. Tigerstar- I know, I know, evil cat. But evil cats are the BEST cats!
  5. Hollyleaf- Amazing......looking forward to "The Forgotten Warrior"
  6. Darkstripe- First ThunderClan, than TigerClan, then BloodClan, then Dark Forest......'nuf said
  7. Honeyfern- Sad death :(
  8. Bluestar- THE BEASTEST LEADER EVER!!!!! (Rather her still be leader than the immortal Firestar...)
  9. Scourge- Another evil cat.....whatever
  10. Ivypool- A spy on the Dark Forest. Doesn't get much better than that

Least Favorite Cats

  1. Firestar- Oh my goodness just DIE ALREADY! NO ONE LIKES YOU ANYMORE!!!
  2. Dovewing- Self-conceited little brat
  3. Heathertail- Just forgive Lionblaze! You two are meant to be! (yes, I ship LionXHeather.)
  4. Leafstar- A dumb choice for leader of SkyClan
  5. Crowfeather- Stupid.....just stupid
  6. Breezepelt- Look up
  7. Nightcloud- Look up.....then up again
  8. Rainflower- You neglected your son JUST because he was deformed??? What kind of a mother are you???
  9. Brambleclaw- Graystripe deserves to be deputy...NOT YOU!
  10. Mistystar- I liked you better as deputy

My Daily I-Journals

November 2011

My Fanons

Skybreathe's Story

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3 (Coming Soon)
  4. Characters 

Dreams Series

  1. Out of the Shadows (In Progress)
  2. Into the Rainbow (Coming Soon)
  3. Clouds of War (Coming Soon)
  4. Fire in the Sky (Coming Soon)
  5. Starry Night (Coming Soon)
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