Hello, My name is Michael and I have been #1 warriors fan for a few years. For my Warriors RP site, GladeClan, go here. Remember, we always need new cats!

I am author of the GladeClan Chronicles, which is based on GladeClan. Feedback is appreciated!

My Favorites

Favorite Books

  1. The Last Hope
  2. The Forgotten warrior
  3. Eclipse
  4. Dar River
  5. Sight
  6. Fading Echos
  7. Outcast
  8. Long shadows

Favorite Characters

  1. Jayfeather
  2. Bluestar
  3. Ivypool
  4. Stormfur
  5. Bumblestripe

My Stories

Currently Working On

The GladeClan Chronicles

  1. A Taste of the Wild
  2. Burning Snow
  3. Light Descending
  4. Purple Dawn


StormClan for Sunbranch

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