My Future Story Ideas


Kudos - Everyone in WillowClan is supposed to be very nice and give everyone compliments. They are the peacemakers of the four clans, ShadeClan, PebbleClan, and YellowClan. You aren't allowed to say anything bad, or you will be disappeared forever. You will never be seen again. But Hawkpaw thinks differently than everyone else and thinks that the kindness can actually weaken WillowClan.

Dark Blades - Flowerpaw steals the spotlight for Dawnpaw, her sister. They made Dawnpaw the medicine cat's apprentice because they have no place for her in DarkClan. Dawnpaw wants revenge and finds a way to put someone's advantages as someone's weaknesses. Dawnpaw's first target? Her sister, Flowerpaw.

Age doesn't Matter - In MossClan, everything is in a strict dictatorship. The throne is passed from son to daughter. When Starlingstar dies and leaves the earth, his only living kin is his one moon daughter, Thornkit. But they have to crown her as the leader. Jaystorm thinks that the dictatorship is wrong, plain wrong. How will MossClan cope with a kit as a leader?

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