My Fanfictions

Please note that any fan fictions that are not on here is in the "Autumn Leaves Hall of Shame"

b r o k e n t r i l o g y - Shatter was born in a cruel world where only the toughest survive. Every year, all one year old cats in the Twolegplace compete in the Games. It is mandatory, and only the toughest four survive. But Shatter was born in the Hunt year, which means he has to participate in the Hunt Games, which are extreme. But one move, one choice, one idea may change the world, for the good or the bad.

f i n a l t h o u g h t s - A songfic album about some major/minor characters. It shows their thoughts about a particular subject or life. Songs :

b a d b l o o d (OA Creature Feature) : Songfic sung by the combined effort of Brokenstar and Tigerstar.

s k y f a l l (OA Adele) : Songfic about Bluestar and her life.

t i t a n i u m (OA David Guetta) : Songfic about either Ravenpaw or Redtail.

r o a d s (OA Portishhead) : Songfic about the First Battle and Clear Sky and Gray Wing.

More coming soon!

w a l k i n g a l o n e - Look at the different Dark Forest Character tell the world about their past. See if they truly deserve the Dark Forest. You decide where they deserve to be in. Do they deserve The Dark Forest, or do they actually deserve StarClan?

w i n d s e r i e s - Breezepaw was born in the typical ShadowClan camp. Everything was fine until his apprenticeship. He was born with the powers of the winds. Deaths made him unstable and he was stuck of choosing a cat or his clan. Look at Breezeflight's adventures as he learns his final lesson; he learns the true meaning of sacrifice.

d a r k e r t h a n s h a d o w s - Nightwhisper was exiled from WindClan and finds herself in the rogue camp with her sister, Iceshadow. She lives with some of the most infamous cats in the clans, exiled by their leaders. Her life is perfect, until cats start dropping dead. Nightwhisper knows that it wasn't accidental and someone is behind all this trouble.

c h o i c e s - Poppy is torn between her only family and her love. She doesn't know where she will end up. Love makes cats do strange things and she finally makes her choice but it changes her life upside down. Was this the right choice? Or is she walking towards her ultimate doom?

e x p i r e d - This is the year of 2342. And cats are no longer cats. Somehow, the genes no longer work. In most cats. If they breed, they always get a dead kit. So every cat is no longer cats. They look like cats. They act like one too. But they are a robot. True cats are a rarity. And those who are robot cats can be manipulated more easily. They can destroy stuff better. They are easily fooled. And every cat has an expiration date... A date when they have to choose. I hope you are lucky. Many aren't.

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