Aurora Eclipse

aka Aurora

  • I live in Somewhere
  • My occupation is taking up space
  • I am Surprisingly male

Likes writing stories and playing video games. And cats, birds, and a totaly uncontrolable desire to write. Not to mention a pyromaniacal obessity.  I'm American, and live somewhere in it. I'm a boy, which really likes freak weather that happens only in certain places(Aurora) and once every ten years (eclipse). If you get an aurora and an eclipse, that would be amazing, though you would have to go to Alaska or something and wait ten years. I'm also a percussionist Drums(two years) and marching(not experienced,  barely started), and hates piano and violin, not to mention the cello(bad experiences) I also like computers, youtube, but not so much vid. games. I mean, they're cool, like pokemon snd stuff, but Youtube is, in my opinion, more interesting. I have always been those who start out being shy, and reserved, and when I finally make friends, I let it loose. Well, thats me in a nutshell, kinda. Yeah, about my problem with pyromanics, I love party snappers, fireworks, drumsticks that are on fire(yes, I have seen it on youtube), and basically fire itself, so don't give me a match(even telepathically) because I will light it and set everything on fire. I am an asian. What kind of asian? American, of course. I can still speak some asian lingo though :P(though not very well)

Siggies(reallly bad at coding.)

I light the fire.....' Let it burn.....

Matches cause fires........

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