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Dearest Erins:

This is how the next book would go down if I wrote it.

Firestar is killed. There. He's getting old and we all know it. The Erins are in denial, and if they can't do it, I will. *sends in Shinefrost to do the job*

Brambleclaw needs to die as well. I already know how his leadership is going to play out:

  • He will have a small bit of a crisis, trying to make sure ThunderClan doesn't seem weak and securing his own leadership in the Clan. (how he SHOULD act) Then he's going to finally relax and become a second Firestar. So, um... *kills off Brambleclaw* yeah...

The following cats will promptly be killed/moved into the elder's den:

  • Sandstorm (I loved you, but now it's time to keel over respectfully die)
  • Dustpelt and by default Fernleaf (She wouldn't survive without him. You know it, I know it, and the Erins do too)
  • Graystripe and Millie (I feel like Graystripe is one of those toms who will live a long life, but Millie can go be struck by lightning)
  • Brackenfur, Cloudtail, Thornclaw, Brightheart ( you can be the new elders)
  • Mousefur (you retired forever ago, come on)
  • Oakfur (Yeah, don't think I missed you, buddy) Tallpoppy (you're much too old)
  • Onestar, Ashfoot, Tornear (MUCH too old)
  • Mistystar (I love you, but you are just as old as Mousefur, who retired in series 2)

StarClan would come down and scare the bejeezus out of all the cats and make then ACTUALLY follow the Warrior Code (le gasp)

Apprentices would only be apprentices for 3-4 moons, none of this six moon crap.

Sorreltail is the new leader of ThunderClan with Whitewing as her deputy, and Harespring is the leader of WindClan with Heathertail as his deputy.


AuriBear (talk) 04:03, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

About AuriBear

In a Nutshell...

Name: Auri, Bear, AuriBear, anything else you can think of.

Birthday: December 13th

Date I Joined: July 8th

Favorites. . .

Weather: Snowy

Color: Turquoise/ Blue

Warrior: Yellowfang

Holiday: Valentines! <3

Sport: Soccer!

Cat types: Lynx points, calicos, tortoiseshells, orange tabbys with white chests and paws, torbys (tortoiseshell tabbys), pure white, russian blues, siamese, etc. I could go on FOREVER!

Goals. . .

Write 10 stories . . . . . [ ]

Write 15 stories . . . . . [ ]

Write 20 stories . . . . . [ ]

Have 1000 edits . . . . . [ ]

Have 1500 edits . . . . . [ ]

Have 2000 edits . . . . . [ ]

Be well known . . . . . . [ ]

My Warriors

These cats tend to appear in lots of my stories, as a main character or not.



Name: Shinestar Shinefrost Shinepaw Shinekit

Age: 29 Moons

Clan: RiverClan

Appearance: A slender white she-cat with dark tabby stripe along her tail, face, and legs. She has beautiful aqua blue eyes.

Personality: She exudes grace and calm, but is a no-nonsense she-cat. Very witty and doesn't take no for an answer when she

really wants something. Works hard and is all about trying your best. She does however, invest a little too much in what others

think of her and sometimes overreacts to it.

Story: Forver Shining



Name: Lionstar Lionfur Lionpaw Lionkit

Age: 22 Moons

Clan: RiverClan

Appearance: A pretty ginger tabby she-cat with pale yellow eyes. Her chest, frontpaws, and tail are dipped with white.

Lionfur's pelt is a little long and very thick, keeping her warm even in the harsh of winter. Unusually large, even for RiverClan

cat, but not pudgy. She is a very noble cat with a heart of gold. Lionfur wants the best for her Clan and isn't afraid to fight for it,

but sees the sense in peace.

Story: In the making



Name: Sparrowclaw Sparrowpaw Sparrowkit

Age: 22 Moons

Clan: RiverClan

Appearance: A dark brown tabby tom with subtle amber eyes. He has a lithe figure, making it easy to swim through the water.

Sparrowclaw's pelt is short and thick, like most of his clanmates. He has a very triangular head and slightly pointed ears, giving

him an angular look. He is fiercely loyal and dedicated to RiverClan. Sparrowclaw is very fierce towards everyone, even his clanmates.

Sparrowclaw is unafraid to get into a fight over a smalll insult towards his clan, and although he is ambitious, he won't let

it get in the way of what is best for RiverClan. Despite what others can only consider a cruel demeanor, he has a soft spot for kits.

Story: In the making

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