Hey everyone! I would love to help anyone I can. I love to make siggies. Welcome to my page. Have fun!


Ash. Call me Ash :p I bet you can't say my real name: Aisling


Nyan Cat! Love it!



13 but I am pretty sure I was reincarnated. :)


I am a female(more about that later). I stand at about 5' 4" right now. I have short brown hair that doesn't pass the ends of my ears. I have brown eyes but apparantly they turn green when I am really mad. :D Rawr. Scary stuff. I don't have glasses but I have had braces for 2 years with no date of removal. :'( I am a super tomboy. I have rarely worn girly clothes ever. I am a nice person and typically I am very loud and crazy. :) If someone hurts my friends or family though I go all hulk on their butt. :D I cannot talk on the phone to save my life but I am a very fast texter and typer.


Middle-of-Nowhere, Washington

Favorite Color

Definitely blue. Either a neon blue, eletric blue, and/or dark blue.

Favorite Animal

Obviously wolves are number 1. They are beast! Just saying. Cats are cool though too. Basically all animals are awesome.

My Fanfics!

The Army Series The main hub for my series.

The Army Series: The Beginning The first book. Finished.

The Army Series: The Drafting The second book. In progress.

The Army Series: The Twolegplace The third book. Not started.

A Drop of Ashy Dew Fanfic for Fuzzy's contest.

A Wolf's Light Heart A stand-alone fanfic.

My Opinions on you Crazy People :)

Sign here and I will attempt to give you an awesome verdict :)

SongXBush Foreva!-Trout!! Robo is an awesome person even though she is a Bush fan >:( She is on a lot so I have someone to talk to and RP with on NightClan. She loves The Army Series and pushes me to write more. She made me an admin on Clans of the Island so she is super amazing on that note. An all around super awesome amazing person!!

OMG I AM SO AWESOME *dies from awesome overload*-Rainy! Rainy was one of my first friends on here and made Trout happen or even exist. xD We get really crazy with each other and go a little nuts sometimes! :D She wrote Songflight's Journey and keeps reading my fanfic even though I never update *whistles* I love her to death and will gladly do anything for her or really any of my friends. Amazingly awesome friend!!

I can't think of anything cool or witty to put here sooo.... HERPYDERPYDERP:D-Nighty! Nighty is a very good person and happens to be amazing. She wrote Skyfall which I loved to the point of almost tears. :D Her drawings are super amazing and Iover her to death. She isn't on much but I try to see her at anytime possible just to have fun. Super awesome Night!

Aren't I just the iciest?- Icy is extremely icy. She is also a Feather and a Crane. :D Icy is an amazing writer and draws awesome stuff.I am probably the only one who calls her Icy but I like it more :P She is writing TSIFC which I love! She won my contest with DTFAHTH which I truly love. She is amazingly awesome and I love her to bits!

Yesterday, I tripped up the non-existant stairs. Today, I choked on oxygen. Tomorrow, with my luck, I'll probably run into a tree ~ as wierd as jetstone, as soft as a feather- Jet I like those odds! xD I don't really know Jet too well because she is never on because we live in COMPLETELY different timezones. I do know that her drawing skills are amazing and that she is a great person. Jet IS as weird as a jetstone! :D

Here pet my gerbil! *Shoves my gerbil in your face*- *pets gerbil* Fuzzy is...well extremely fuzzy! Fuzzy is super loveable and is fun to have around.She joins in the crazy random party that I create and is a whole lot of fun. She hasn't been on a lot recently but we still party when we can! :D

Ninja :D (so unoriginal, right?) -Lol Ninja! Ninja is a fun loving (but lazy) person. She is my 'lil Ninja! She is my favorite Canadian. She doesn't write a lot but Twisting Paths is an amazing fanfic! She isn't on a lot but she is super lovable and a party animal when she is!

May I have a taco? *stares into face with cute eyes* -Brighty! I don't have much experience with her but she is fun when I meet her! She joined my contest and got 2nd place with Light of the Darkness. I love her stories that I have read and am excited to see more of her around! :D

OMG IT'S A FLYING BLUEBERRY! Wait a minute... That's Tangle! -My frosty Tangle! We don't normally charity each other because we are never on at the same time. Tangle is hilarious and writes the hilarious Big Brother: ThunderClan. Whenever Tangle is on, there is a party waiting to happen!

My Cats(that I haven't drawn myself)

The Army Series. The series title pic.

Rainheart and Fishleap talking after the battle

The Battle in my first story.


Song belongs with Trout... Bush can go home! 05:28, October 27, 2012 (UTC) Robo made this one for me. I love it!

Halloween Boo! 05:28, October 27, 2012 (UTC) My first made siggie on here!!

I am not crazy! Stop looking at me like that...

Band geek! Of course animals win in a fight though... so Trout would still beat Bush! :p 00:19, November 29, 2012 (UTC)

Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas!! 03:27, December 6, 2012 (UTC)

Ashy Drops of Dew are falling... 01:19, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

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