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[[File:The_Kitty_Avengers.png|thumb|The Evil Looking One is ME! :D Courtesy of Red]]
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| <center>'''Welcome to the Den of Awesome'''</center>
<center>[[User:Artimas Hunter/My Fanfictions|My Fanfics]] | [[User:Artimas Hunter/Siggies|Siggies]] | [[User:Artimas Hunter/Beliefs|This User Believes...]]| [[User:Artimas Hunter/My Favorites|My Favorites]] | [[User:Artimas Hunter/Books to be Read|Books to Be Read]] | [[User:Artimas Hunter/Announcements|Announcements]] | [[User:Artimas Hunter/My Awards|Awards and Praise]] | [[User:Artimas Hunter/Character Ideas|Charries]]</center>
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| <center>'''You guys!!!'''</center>
<center>[[User:Artimas Hunter/Opinions On Users|Opinions On Users]] | [[User:Artimas Hunter/Polls|Polls]] | [[User:Artimas Hunter/Welcome|Welcome to the Wiki]] | [[User:Artimas Hunter/Weekly Reads|Weekly Reads]]</center>
[[File:Textspace_6290575_4cbd1dc9.gif]] ---> From Foresty. :D
NOTE: I'm renovating my user page. It'll probably take like, 5 minutes, but just in case I screw it up (and I will screw it up. XD) don't freak out. lol.
==About me==
Greetings. If you're reading this, I will assume you have never met me before. My name is not Artimas Hunter. Nor is it Bojangles, but I like that name (that was sarcasm that was),
I have...well, I'm not really sure what color my hair is. It usually looks mousy blonde, but in the sunlight is flairs up and looks all golden and awesome. It's curly. My eyes are hazel, and extremely jacked up. I am blind in my left eye, and anyone who says 'are you blind or something' to me will be treated with extreme prejudice. Apparently my right eye is going the same way, but it's normal for teens eyes to fluctuate, so *fingers crossed*. I am a 15 year old girl.
I am stubborn, loyal, kind of evil (a lot evil) and I am extraordinarily proud that since seventh grade I have been a certified genius. :D I am currently writing my first novel.
I am the head admin on here, something that took me quite a while and something I am very proud of. I may not always be right, but I will make decisions as I see fit. I will try to be as fair as possible, but sometimes I loose my temper, sometimes I make mistakes.
You should also know that I live in an admin castle and I ride a dragon.

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