Wassup guys? Um...Foresty made one of these and I thought it'd be a good idea if I did too.......soo....yeah. lol

This is a guide for all those new peeps. Feel free to ask anyone for help, but hopefully Foresty's or this guide will help you out a bit. Enjoy!!!!


Every single day I'd like to think there's someone who's hand is hovering over their mouse, wondering if they should join this site.

I hope most of then decide to.

I know a lot of people here have heard about this place from Warriors Wiki, some probably from Google or from a friend.

But every single person here builds this wiki and makes it count. No matter what kind of crap we put up with in out real lives, I think this is a great place just to let go, be as random or popular or creative as you want to be without worrying about anything else.

I've laughed here, I've cried here. I can honestly say that some of my best friends are on this site. There are people here that I'd trust with my life.

And I hope someday, you new peeps can say the same. :)


Well, I've only been around here for a little more then a year. But the wiki's coming onto it's 3 year birthday here in June! *birthday music*

This was our golden age...

In June of 2008, this wiki was founded by Eulalia459678. About two years earlier, Warriors Wiki had been formed by a guy named Oglog Eu appointed a user named *swifty* as he other admin and the two built up the wiki. *swifty* gave a user called GrocerBag powers before *swifty* became inactive.

Because Eu hardly ever came on, except to sort out important things, GroceryBag basically built the wiki himself. In 2009, early in the year, a user named Mistyfur was given rights.

Misty had to leave, so a user called Sparrowsong took over for her. Shortly after, our very own Forestpaw13 became a rollback.

The wiki was being built and great ideas and stories were thought of and written.

GB became inactive.

Then we enter the dark ages of our wiki's history.

Foresty had become an admin. She had great ambition and started to make changes immediately, working hard.

But, before this, about the time Forest was a rollback, flammers and vandals were coming here more. By this point, there were flames a lot and vandalism of stories and other things had the admins running around full-time. We had begun to agree that no wiki had more troubles then us.

Then, Sparrowsong went down. She brought drama from other wiki's over and after a huge fight, involving several users leaving, several users getting banned, and even more fights, it was over. But there were casualties, Sparrowsong had left and Forestpaw was demoted from an admin leaving Eu to deal with the broken wiki.

Then things began to get better.

Eu talked to Forest and he decided we needed a new admin. 3 users were put up to a vote, Hiddensun, Maplefern, and Myself. Hiddensun won and took the rights. She was a great admin and all was happy.

About 5 months later, Eu had pretty much ceased to exist and the wiki was once again slipping. Forestpaw decided to adopt the wiki and she gained admin and 'crat powers. She gave Hiddensun 'crat powers too.

Then there was a time of peace and stuff.

A little bit later, when school started again, Hiddensun became inactive. Forestpaw decided to appoint a new admin and rollback to help her out with the wiki. I was chosen as an admin and Icestorm123 was made a rollback.

A little while later, Wetstream was made rollback, then admin as well.

But there were some big troubles ahead. Wetstream was demoted and the wiki broke into civil war. For a while the admins were unaware of it, but then it came out in the open. Users were acusing eachother of bullying and so many users were banned and unbanned and banned again that I can't even tell you. It was awful. And when it was over, we were left with one of the biggest casualties yet. Forestpaw had quit, leaving me to run the wiki alone.

After a while I appointed a new admin, Birdpaw and a new rollback Birchy.

I can't really say I'm proud of what happened next.

I appointed Zaffie as admin. She deserved it. But then there was more arguing which was only resolved when Zaffie resigned and Bird lost her rights. I made Birchy an admin.

And that's when I lost it. I was off the wiki for what felt like months, maybe more like two or three weeks. I didn't think there was anyone I could trust.

Yeah, I got over myself.

And then Forest came back. And I was so happy and it was pretty great. And there was this whole income of noobs sweeping the wiki, which is always nice. I made Forest admin again and Wetty a rollback.

That's our history so far. If you wanna find out more, you can always snoop around. I know that's what I did. xDDDD

Our Community

There are many active users here, it hovers around 50. Many of them can be counted on for help and these are some of the best of the best here. These are some of the people you can count on to help and guide you and make sure you don't make any life-long enemies. LOL, just kidding. :)


Artimas Hunter - I've been on here for a little over 2 years and I'm an admin. I write a ton of stories and I'm on here almsot everyday. I try to be very paitent and help as many new peeps as possible. I'm always up for a chat on the IRC if you need it and I try to be really friendly. I'm not very good at codes or siggys, but I try to comment on lots of stories so that people can get feedback.

Birchy - Birchy is another admin. She might not have as many edits as some of the other users, but she's super smart and amazing at writing stories. She's great if you want to chat about anything and though she's not on a lot, it's great when she is.

Forestpaw13 - My other admin, Fork is a fantastic writer and is up for chats on the IRC. One of the older users around, she has lots of wisdom and is a great person to be around as well as one of the best writers here.

Wetstream - Wetstream is our rolly. She's been around for a little over a year. Wetstream has a great sense of humor and some great stories. She's on the IRC a lot and is always up for a chat. She enjoys trolling tumblr and is also my father. Don't ask. (I'm kidding. I hope that was obvious, but jic)

Other Important People

Zaffie - Zaffie has been here for about a year. She lives is Austrailia, so she isn't always on the same time as other people, but she still manages to write a lot of stories and come out a lot. She's one of the silliest, most random people here and can be counted on to cheer people up. She recently became a rolly.

Birdpaw - Birdpaw is my other admin. She's a talented writer and very down-to-earth and she's come a long way from the olden days. She's always up for a chat and her stories are absolutely fantastic. She's super active, so if I'm not on and you need something, I'd go to her.

Stargaze66 - Stareh is the Queen of Coding and yes, that is her official title. She has amazing stories, an even more amazing user page, and is always up for an IRC chat. She's one of the senior warriors and is a great user.

Red - Red is a relatively new used, but she has a drive and skill you hardly see in someone her age. She's fairly adorable (I'm going to get shanked for that) but she's great for just paling around with.

Sammy- A wild guy appears! One of our few male users, Sammy has few fanfics, but when he does write, you can take it to the bank that it will be fantastic. Sammy can always be counted on for some words of wisdom or just to calm everyone the freak down. I wish he was on more because he's a great member of the community.

Wiki Termonology

WFW - Warriors Fanfiction Wiki

IRC - Internet Relay Chat

Siggy - Signature

Admin/Sysop - Administrator

Rolly - Rollback

'Crat - Bureaucrat

WI - Warriors Idol

MC - MistClan101

RP - Roleplay

Wiki Dictionary

Administrator - A staff member who can rollback edits, delete, has a large amount of authority, and helps run the wiki.

Bureaucrat - A staff member who has all the power of an admin and can give other people rights.

Fanfics - The stories we right.

IRC - Our chat site. To prove yourself, you must figure out how to get there yourself. lol

Nickname - Change someone's user name to something cooler. (ex. Artimas Hunter - Arti, Forestpaw13 - Foresty, Wetstream - Wetty)

Rights - The extra abilities and powers that staff earn.

Rollback - A staff member with the ability to un-do people's edits.

Signature - How we sign off so people know who has edited or talked to them. (ex. - --ArtiCloudy Days... 21:01, March 5, 2011 (UTC))

Songfics - A story set to song.

User - A person on the wiki.

Events and Things to Check Out

Clans - Sign up to become one of the 4 original Clans.

Fanficton Awards - An annual competition to have others vote for your stories and see where they rank by genre.

Ideas for the Wiki - Post your ideas for the wiki here so we can discus and try to make then reality.

Warriors Idol - A songfic writing competition.

Series Reviews - Have people comment on your series and give you constructive critisism.

Featured Stories - Become apart of this program where we pick 6 users monthly for people to read and comment their stories.

Guides - Guides made by experianced users to help people with characters, plots, names, personalities, and much more.

Stories and Series to Check Out

These are some of my personnal favorites and well-known good reads (in no particular order) to check out to get inspirtation and just to read.

Deathberries by Foresty - The first series I read when I was here. It's a great series, I recommend it.

Standards (Series) by Foresty - An amazing series about a warrior reborn as a blind cat, destined to be great.

The power of four series by Birdy I haven't read it yet, but it's supposed to be really great!

Ancient Powers by Shigura Even though Shistar's left, AP is still, in my opinion, the best series on this site.

I ♥ You Diaries by Sunny - A GREAT series, full of romance and drama and amazing writing.

Firefly by Artimas Hunter - One of my most favored series.

Songfic Series - One of the most popular community series on the site. I recommend the Deputy of Evil Series. :) It's AMAZING.


These are some frequently asked questions I get a lot and their answers. Enjoy!

How Do I Make a Page?

Easy enough once you figure it out. Go to any page on the wiki and ther will be a 'Create Page' button. If you click it, it will come up with three options. I recommend doing the 'Blank POage' format, but you could do the original too I guess. Top Ten is something different, I wouldn't do that until you've made as few stories. Anyways, click on whatever option you want, title it, and start writing!

How Do I Make a Siggy?

Ohhh....OK, I'll be honest. I'm awful at coding. Terribly hopeless. I use the same format for my siggy over and over because I have no idea how to change it. So I'd ask someone, Foresty, Wetty, someone if they could help you make a siggy or make you one. Then you can putthat in your preference box and model all of your next ones off that.

How Do I Get on the IRC?

Wellllll...since the IRC is out hang-out place, you have to find it on your own. It's your initiation. Once you make it, we'll all be there to welcome you. And here's a hint: look it up. :)

How Do I Get People to Read My Stories?

Advertise. You can join the Featured Stories group and maybe get your story featured for a month. You cna write a blog and advertise it with your siggy. You can make blogs, ask your friends to read it, advertise on your user page....there's no shortage of ways to get people interested!!

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