So, one of my WFW New Year Resolutions was to try to read one new story a week. I will be posting reviews here as well as commenting on the stories. I'll do my best to pick current-ish stories so that the authors can get some feedback. :)

January 5th - January 11th -Pine Frost

Pine Frost is by Firey.

7/10- Wow, this story was great and it has such potential to be better. It's about a family at war with each other- the evil father's quest to get his children to join him in destroying their mother. It's a love story as well as that of revenge, and it has one of the best plot twists I've seen in a while. If you're a fan of romances, epic villains, and/or tragedy, this one is for you!

April 20th - April 26th - Beautiful (Fanfic)

Beautiful is by Brighty

7.5/10- Brighty shows exceptional talent while using a writing technique many struggle with- balancing different storylines. Beautiful is the story of two rogue sisters who join BreezeClan. Midnightpaw struggles with bullying and self-esteem issues as well as an awkward crush while Firefly tries to hide her guilt and pain. To top it all off, their sister, Coral, who they believed dead may not be quite as dead as they think... a great look at how rogue-born Clan cats are treated and a wonderful story.

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