OK, I know you all have to resign your names now, but I've decided to re-do these. Yes, I'm sorry. I promise this is the last time. Propbably. xD

So anyways, please just sign your name if you want my opinion of you. Your opinion may change as I get to know you better or as....idk, something happens. Or I fell like it. lol.

WARNING: If you sign this, you are signing away your rights to complain about what I say about you. I will be brutally honest. No, I';m not going to bad mouth you, that's called flamming which I absolutely loathe. If you ignore this warning, you're sitll signing it away. :P lol, I really don't have a problem with anyone here, I just wanted to make it clear. Enjoy your opinions!!

Opinions On....

  • Foresty - Foresty is one of my BEST friends here, probably one of the only few I'd trust in RL. I think she's a fantastic writer and has some great ideas. A wonderful IRC buddy, a great RPing friend, and can I just say how freaking GLAD it made me when she came back? Like, literal tears of joy.
  • Birdpaw - Birdpaw tried really, really hard. She's matured a lot- I remember the old days...well, I'm not gonna embarrass her here. xD But she's come a long way and even though sometimes I think she's a little too laid back, I think one day she'll make a fantastic admin.
  • Aqua- Aqua is a great user. She has lots of well-written stories that have great plots. Aqua's a good artist too and a great friend. She has helpful input on others' stories and tries really hard to make her own great. Even though she's not on a super lot, she still manages to write, read, and comment. Aqua's awesome. :D I wish she was still here though...
  • Moss and Stealth - I would love for them to be on more. They're the best spoof writers on this site. Plus both of them are super nice and (of course) epically awesome. They're extremely loyal users also, never threatening to quit, never quitting, ect.. They're definitely some of my good friends here. :)
  • Snickers - I haven't seen Snickers in FOREVER, but Snickers is great. She's a fantastic songfic writer, and her regular 'fics are amazing as well. As far as users go, she's one of the nicest. She's one of the finalist in Warriors Idol and she totally deserves it. Snickers is a cool bean.
  • Stargaze - STAREH! Stareh is my doggy. And not in a degrading way- Stargaze66 is literally my dog. Haha! My dog is better then yours! xD Stareh is one of the funniest people I know on here and she's epic at writing. Also, I'm not good at fooling her in #wolfgame which gives her some major respect points...
  • Birchy - Birchy is one of my bestest buddies on here. She's funny, down-to-earth, and an amazing writer. I wish she was on more because I love hanging out on the IRC with her, but I know she has a busy life. She's a great user and I can't wait til the day she gets promoted to admin.
  • Maplefern - Maple is an amazing writer with so many skills. She can be funny, she can be serious, she can do pretty much anything. And she's awesome to talk to on the IRC. She hilarious, nice, and we think she looks like this: lol, she'll get it. xDDD
  • Red - Oh Red...what to say? Red is a hugely talented writer and when she came here, I was utterly shocked by how...grown up she was. She was experienced, a great writer, knew how to get on the IRC, and (in my opinion(despite Wetty's ramblings)) she has definitely gotten out of the n00b zone. Also, she tastes like chicken. :D
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